Sunday, May 19, 2013

Get In-Tents...with Clash Graphics Custom Printed Table Tents

Hate the great outdoors & those nagging mosquitoes? Well good news-- You don't have to go camping to get "in-tents." 

Why? Because Clash Graphics offers a much more convenient way for you to rough it... with custom printed table tents for your business!

You can use these easy-to-assemble marketing pieces for several purposes, including:

-- "Reserved" tables at your restaurant venue

-- Happy Hour specials

-- Featured entrees/dishes/desserts

-- Full products/services menus

-- To build your social media following

Whether you are trying to promote specials for a food establishment, bar, night club, exclusive event, or even an international convention, our custom printed table tents are an affordable and effective way to advertise.

Need a design created for your table tents? Clash Graphics has you covered. Our in-house design team can drum up a great concept for you in less time than it takes to set up a campfire!

Contact Clash Graphics TODAY to place your custom printed table tents order: (877)410-4522.

If you're ready to print NOW you can even order directly from our web site at: .

Here's to s'more sales resulting from your custom table tents (mmmm, s'mores)!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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  1. table tent template act as an effective tool for marketing our services.

  2. Table tents are used for a different set of goals, sometimes they are used for marketing, sometimes for giving special public message and some time for building up your social community and making your company a good word of mouth. All the concerns depend upon how you design your table tents and use eye catching colors.