Friday, May 24, 2013

3, 2, 1: 3 Reasons 2 Have 1 Unique Business Card Designed & Printed From Clash Graphics

In today's business as well as independent & entrepreneurial world it's imperative to use every tool in the box to get the edge on the competition (within your budget, of course).

One cheap & effective strategy that we at Clash Graphics recommend... is to invest in good business cards , which can convey the best possible message about you and your company in just a few seconds.

Ultimately, the two main messages which should resonate from your business cards are: 
a) to provide basic information about you and your role at your company
b) to offer immediate contact information for your prospects & clients to reach you.

At Clash Graphics we know that not all business cards need the same elements or personalized touch... But if you are part of a large organization it can be useful for your recipients to have those specific details in order to contact you ASAP for your particular products or services.

Based on our previous & current clients at Clash Graphics ... Here are

1. Your name and/or the name of your company.
Your individual name as well as the name of your business tends to be the most prominent and bold wording on these particular networking pieces. Additionally a physical address, email address and contact number are the other most instrumental components of your custom printed business cards . While all this information is essential, remember that sometimes less can be better, so try not make it look cluttered.

2. A slogan or tagline that summarizes your purpose.
A very short tag line which describes your business can be important, especially where your company name itself isn’t self-explanatory. It is equally important to use a logo on your card in order to establish brand awareness/business identity. If you do not currently have a company logo don’t worry... Our Clash Graphics in-house design team can create something specially for you!

3. A unique design that sets your business card apart from your competition. Having a unique design can help in not only making yourself and your brand memorable to your recipients, but it will also make it more likely for them to hang onto it (ask yourself what makes you actually keep someone else’s business card)! One innovative idea for a stand-out business card is to have one with a hole in it, so it can be slipped onto a key ring for constant visibility & easy access (our Clash Graphics clients LOVE this concept)!

For other custom business card design ideas check out our web site: .

If you're ready to ORDER CUSTOM BUSINESS CARDS now feel free to 
CALL US: (877)410-4522 or order directly from our site.

Here's to a "3, 2, 1, Blastoff!" for your company networking &brand recognition!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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