Sunday, May 19, 2013

Between the Sheets with Clash Graphics ...Get More Action with Custom Printed Sell Sheets

One of the most effective marketing materials you can have to promote your brand or your business is a powerful sell sheet.

At Clash Graphics we proudly provide custom design & high-quality sell sheet printing services for everyone nationwide!

Not sure why you would need this particular piece of printed collateral? Here are 3 brilliant ways our Clash Graphics clients typically use their custom sell sheets:

1) Company Profiles/Business Overviews. Your products or services are the biggest (or only) part of your revenue stream, which is why prospects & current clients should know about how your company sets itself apart from the rest of the competition in your industry. Why not invest in a high-quality "spec" sheet to brag on yourself a little...Everyone would love to read about the history of your business, as well as your journey toward success!

2) Products & Services Menus. Whether you own a food/beverage establishment or a vanity-based services facility, customers are more inclined to order your items based on an elegantly displayed description with beautiful images as well as elaborate colors. Custom printed sell sheets can promote what you have to offer in the most powerful (and yet concise) way possible.

3) Coupons/Seasonal Promotions. If you want to maximize your ROI (Return On Investment) with your marketing materials, it is imperative to always include a "call to action," such as a special discount or a "limited time only" offer. This creates a sense of urgency, and should help you generate consistent business each time you roll out a new coupon or promotion.

There you have it-- 3 great ways (although there are a multitude of other strategies) to take advantage of sell sheets for your company.

To order your custom printed sell sheets NOW call us at: (877)410-4522 or upload your print-ready files directly to our web site: .

Here's to getting more action... sales action, that is!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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