Sunday, March 31, 2013

Clash Graphics is Sportin' Linen After Labor Day... with Linen Uncoated Printing !

That unwritten rule about not rockin' linen after Labor Day fortunately does NOT apply to your company business cards or marketing materials... 

So since that's the case... Clash Graphics is proud to offer uncoated linen printing services for your company needs & advertising collateral!

Linen text and cover for your materials allows your print products to gain a unique feel, as well as a memorable texture for those whom will be exposed to your collateral. 

Uncoated linen pieces can also enhance the appearance of your business package and will certainly make a grand impression on your prospects, clients or customers. 
As an added bonus... All of our linen stock is printed on 30% recycled material so if you're in the eco-conscious industry or want to promote your efforts at "going green," you're in luck with uncoated linen printing.

Yes we know... At Clash Graphics we are totally aware that people are bombarded with advertisements left and right and the reality is, advertisements will never. Ever. Go away. 

With that in mind, your approach to marketing must be different (ahem, think "linen") if you want to catch the eye (or dexterous sensation) of the people who need to hear your story.

Our advice? Here are three effective ways our Clash Graphics team believes you can implement at your company in order to catch and keep the eye of your market:
1) Repetition. On average it takes about 6 sightings of your business ad, billboard, mailer or social media post before establishing brand recognition with a prospect. Never be afraid of gaining TOO MUCH exposure (look at Coke , Chik-Fil-A or even Massage Envy)!

2) A Compelling Story. Customers & clients tend to develop better relationships with businesses when they feel like they can relate. We're all human, and it's okay to convey that message!

3) A Compelling Design. When something (or someone for that matter) is out of the ordinary or appears odd, unusual or against the norm... It definitely seems to resonate more with people/followers/fans. Need examples? How about Dennis Rodman. Or Lady Gaga. Or your company's uncoated linen business cards and brochures (hint, hint)?!

Here at Clash Graphics we can help you produce all three of these results. You can order your uncoated linen products online, drop into our office here in Atlanta or just give us a call (it's free! 877.410.4522).
Our range of printed products gives you the option to tell your story through multiple marketing avenues from business cards to next day flyers and posters of any size and thickness. 
If you already have a design we can use it... and if you need help crafting your story into a more compelling finished product our in-house design team can help you do that as well.  
See the uncoated linen products page of our web site for more details or place your print order online NOW at: .
Make your next printing materials look as cool as the guys from Miami Vice year-round... with LINEN!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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It's a Spring Break "Foam Party" at Clash Graphics !

It’s Spring Break time, so let’s break out the foam... with high quality custom foam core
posters... that is!

At Clash Graphics we know promoting your business is the heartbeat of what makes your company tick, and’s what brings your customers & clients in the door. 

Sure... a great logo, powerful business cards and intriguing brochures are all wonderful starts to securing your brand in the eye of your customers & clients, but we want to help your company appeal EVEN MORE to the hearts and minds of your target audience.

A great way to do this through Clash Graphics is (insert drumroll here)... by ordering high quality foam core posters !

Let's be honest. You can put up any regular ol' poster for day-to-day street marketing, but a foam core poster can be better utilized when you REALLY want to grab people’s attention. 

Our custom foam core posters at Clash Graphics come in all shapes and sizes to meet your current needs, and they are extremely durable for the long-term (so long as you keep them out of the way of your party foam)!

Your custom-printed foam core posters can be the main focus on your office walls that can help walk each of your customers/clients through a simple, easy to read and beautifully-designed guide to your company’s brand / products / services. 

Additionally, your custom foam core posters can help impact your audience in a positive way that can benefit your business for years to come!

Not sure how you want your custom foam core posters to look? No problem. Our Clash Graphics in-house design team can help with creating your piece... from trim size to color scheme to actual layout!

At Clash Graphics ... we're the "One Stop Shop" for all your printing and design needs. 

Order your foam core posters online today at or give us a call at (877)410- 4522. 

So what are you waiting for... Come crash our Spring Break "foam party" with your next custom foam core poster order NOW! 

--The Clash Graphics Team

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Clash Graphics : Take Note...of Our Custom Letterhead & Envelope Printing !

Promoting your business effectively doesn't just mean having superior business cards and/or distributing exceptional marketing materials ...

Sometimes unique marketing techniques also involves having high-quality custom letterhead & envelopes to accompany the rest of your promotional collateral!

At Clash Graphics we realize reputable companies ought to have more than just catchy flyers , intriguing brochures & engaging promotional posters .

That's why we also offer, for your company's convenience, custom letterhead & envelope printing services for your business !

Not convinced why you should have stationary tailored specifically for your business?
Here are 4 great reasons why custom letterhead & envelopes can benefit your company:

1) Having custom letterhead & envelopes can enhance your corporate image. When a prospective customer or a current client sees that you have high-quality letterhead, they immediately assume that you provide high quality products and/or services. It's almost like a hard copy of your "first impression..." because it shows which areas you are willing to invest money to convey the most effective message about your business.

2) Stationary tailored to your business can increase brand recognition. It may seem silly but, if a potential client/customer is walking past your physical place of business and your store uses the same colors as a piece of letterhead/stationary they have already seen, they will in most cases recognize your store as well as pay far more attention than they normally would, having acknowleged the familiarity of your logo, color scheme or other branding efforts. Subconscious recognition goes much farther than you may be able to imagine!

3) Custom printed letterhead & envelopes from Clash Graphics may increase traffic to your web site.  When you include your company details, such as your URL, physical address or social media platforms for which you can be found, you are allowing prospects & current clients to further research your company as well as contact you through other avenues. Custom letterhead / envelopes gives you the opportunity to put your most pertinent information (address, URL, phone number & email) out to your clientele in a less invasive but thoroughly informative manner!

4) Stationary which is tailored specifically for your business can separate yourself from your competition. It may seem like a minor gesture towards gaining brand recognition, but custom letterhead & envelopes from Clash Graphics may actually differentiate your company from other competitors in your industry. Most recipients of letters on blank white paper versus letters composed on well-designed letterhead from a rival company are more inclined to conduct business with the company who appears more "professional" (yes, "looks" are important in this case!).

For those of you who are environmentally conscious of printing business materials, you'll be glad to know all of our letterhead and envelope stock is made of 30% recycled material with soy based inks.

As an added bonus your company stationary will be printed on bright white, heavy bond paper , even with full color printing . This will enable you to place your full-color logos & accompanying imagery to promote your business to the fullest effect... just on your letterhead & envelopes alone (production time is typically 4-6 business days).

And what's even better than that... is that Clash Graphics has an in-house design team whom can help you custom design the letterhead & envelopes that best represent you and your company's products / services / brand .

So take note! If you're in need of business letterhead & envelopes to help you "put your best foot forward" when it comes to written documents... Clash Graphics is here to save the day!

--The Clash Graphics Team

To order your custom letterhead & envelopes visit our web site: or call us at: (877) 410-4522.

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Clash Graphics : Mark Your Calendars...for Custom Calendar Printing !

The reason why most of us can remember special dates and occasions (like someone's birthday, anniversary or even the days we're off work because of national holidays) typically boils down to this... we all have calendars of some sort!

At Clash Graphics we proudly offer custom calendar printing services so you can utilize these "date savers" to promote and grow your business!

Many Clash Graphics clients choose our custom calendar printing services for several purposes including:

-- gifts for coworkers & employees

-- promotional giveaways

-- company advertisements  with coupons or discounts

-- additional merchandise for your business to sell

Ordering a personalized custom calendar is not only a special present for you to give away or sell, but it's a great marketing tool. That's because we can ensure your logo or products are included on each of your calendar pages. 

So not only will people use your custom calendars to refer to significant dates during the year, but they will also be reminded of your company or business products & services every single time they glance at your marketing piece!

At Clash Graphics we have two wonderful ways to have your calendars printed: coil bound & saddle stitched.

Both formats are printed at 8.5" x 11" trim size with 28 full color pages. We also print them on durable paper (which means it's on thick cover stock). 

Additionally, you have the option of ordering your calendars with a gloss coating, which will provide extra protection for your custom calendar throughout the entire year.

Even if you don't quite have all your ideas together, you can still order a custom calendar from Clash Graphics . That's because we have an in-house graphic design team who can help you take your ideas from concept... to finished product!

To order your custom calendar NOW or for more information about our printing products & services visit our web site at: .

Here's to special occasions... and a custom calendar for your business that's even more special!
--The Clash Graphics Team  

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Clash Graphics is Page-ing All Readers: We Print Custom Bookmarks !

Nothing's more fun than snuggling up on the couch or crawling into the bathtub with your favorite book than... opening up that book using your newly printed custom bookmark !

Clash Graphics proudly offers custom printed bookmarks to give to your clients, customers, or members of your organization!

Many of our Clash Graphics orders for printed bookmarks include these types of functions:

-- biographical memorabilia

-- travel / geographical bookmarks

-- promotional giveaways

-- advertisements for companies & local businesses

-- storytelling pieces

-- coloring/activity bookmarks for children

-- religious/prayer bookmarks

-- holiday or seasonal presents

Our double-sided, full color bookmarks are a unique way to advertise for your company and even make fun small presents. 

They can be printed with either UV thick and sturdy 12 pt. card stock, and can feature rich colors to make your printed piece stand out among all those generic store-bought bookmarks out there!

Additionally, ordering a UV coating for your bookmarks will give them a high gloss look which will enhance the design as well as its durability.

Need to write or color on your bookmarks? Then order yours with a matte finish. Children will love being able to customize their very own page-markers. 

If you're not quite sure how you want your bookmarks to look, allow our Clash Graphics in-house design team to create them for you. We can also help you pick out the perfect trim size, glossy/matte finish, and even the paper thickness.

For more information give us a call at (877) 422-4510 or visit our web site: .

Here's to another chapter in memorable print materials for you or your business!

--The Clash Graphics Team

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Clash Graphics Cordially Invites You... to Print Your Event Invitations with Us!

Remember how special you felt as a child when your handmade Crayola drawing was so flattering to your parents that it was put on display at your Hall of Fame (and by that we mean the fridge)?

Well good news: you can still create that same type of feeling all over again WITHOUT the mess of crayons or those smelly-good markers... Why not have your next custom creation placed on the refrigerator doors of your friends & family using your next printed invitation or announcement ?!

At Clash Graphics we proudly offer printed announcement and invitation services.

Many of our Clash Graphics clients have ordered these types of materials for the following special occasions--

--  birth announcements

-- baby shower invitations

-- adult party events

-- birthday party invitations

-- family reunion invitations

-- graduation annoucements

-- networking & social event invitations

-- Open House invitations
-- seasonal invitations

-- wedding/bridal shower/bachelor/bachelorette invites      

Not sure why printed invites & announcements are better than just a mass email or a text message blast that goes out to everyone without a "special message" to each of your recipients?!

Well here are 3 good reasons why these printed pieces would be better received by those who will be receiving them in the mail (or in person!):

1) Ordering printed accnouncements/invitations from Clash Graphics offers true customization. 
Custom - printed invites gives YOU the freedom to send the perfect message to those whom will be receiving your invitation. You can use your favorite quote, most memorable line from a movie, and even the photographs/images of your choice. This is your chance to compel others to really acknowledge your major annoucement or upcoming event!

2) Printing saves you lots of time. Why spend endless hours within the aisles of Hallmark or other stationary stores, reading through generic invitations & vague annoucements just try and find the right fit for your special card? Clash Graphics offers several production options, including same day printing and next-day shipping... so you can spend less time choosing your printed masterpiece, and more time preparing for this important day instead!

3) Printing provides you with more choices than a store-bought box of cards.
Clash Graphics can print the exact invite or annoucement you want, where YOU can choose the type/thickness of paper, as well as the colors, top coat (finish), and/or special accents, like metallic foil and even the actual trim size.This is YOUR event/special occasion, so you deserve to be just as proud of your invitation / annoucement as you are about your big upcoming day! 

Not sure just how you want your annoucement or invite to look? No problem.Clash Graphics has an in-house design team who is ready to help you create the exact image you envisioned in your head... and we can help you bring it to life.

So when it comes to having your big annoucement or event invitations printed... RSVP with Clash Graphics . You'll be happy you did, and you'll have so much more time to focus on the bigger things, like the birth of your new baby or your long-awaited wedding day!

For more information about our printing & graphic design services visit our web site at: or give us a call: (877)410-4522.

Here's to having your next printed masterpiece hung on the fridge doors of your friends & family nationwide!
--The Clash Graphics Team 

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Clash Graphics : Post Up for a Slam Dunk with Postcard & Flyer Printing !

In honor of March Madness we gave this blog a nice little basketball spin to tell our story... 

So if you're looking for a way to get a slam dunk response from your marketing efforts, why not try your hand at postcards & flyers from Clash Graphics ?!

Clients of Clash Graphics typically print flyers & postcards to promote themselves, their businesses, or upcoming performances. Here are some examples of our most popular flyer & postcard orders:

-- Musical or Live Performances

-- Special Occasion Events (parties, mixers, club promotions)

-- Mailers & Seasonal Campaigns

-- Products & Services Rack Cards

-- Sell Sheets

-- Menus / In-House Literature / Real Estate Info

-- Suggestion or Comment Cards

Our postcards & flyers include double-sided, full color printing on extra thick 16 pt. card stock. 

These materials are available in UV gloss or matte coating and have a 4-6 business day production time.

If you're in a crunch, however, and you can't wait 4 to 6 days we also offer flyer & postcard printing with same day and next day turnaround time (select trim sizes & card stocks only).

What's even cooler about our Clash Graphics postcard & flyer printing services is this... we have an in-house design team who can help you create your marketing collateral if you don't already have a print-ready file!

So to wrap things up before the buzzer sounds... If you're standing in the key right now... you've got 3 seconds to make something magical happen. Do the right thing and order your postcards or flyers from Clash Graphics TODAY.

Your promotional materials are sure to be a winner with the help of Clash Graphics

Game on!
--The Clash Graphics Team

For more information about flyer & postcard printing visit our web site at: or give us a whistle at: (877) 410-4522.

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Clash Graphics Says, "Hang Ten!" with Printed Hang Tags !

Cowabunga! Marketing your company's products or services just became even snazzier...

That's because Clash Graphics offers printed hang tags for you to order to better promote your business.

Hang tags are not only a unique way of advertising, but they're multi-functional since you can, well... hang them up in places!

Many of our Clash Graphics clients have ordered hang tags for a number of (business & personal) purposes, including:

-- Business Cards. Order hang tags and use them as oversize business cards . You're sure to make a lasting impression with a networking tool of this size. Your colleagues may also hold onto them longer than a business card , since it can be displayed as an ornament or decoration in their office cubicles!

-- Grand Openings. Hang tags can serve as great promotional flyers to distribute to the local businesses around you. Hang one on each company's door to announce the grand opening of your company to the community surrounding your new office!

-- Coupons / Promotional Product Launches. Use hang tags to create a buzz about your newest product or service. You can even add a special discount to your hang tag to generate even more brand recognition...both for your new product/service, as well as your company name!

-- Personal Announcements. Clash Graphics clients like to print hang tags and give them out as personal announcements... whether it's a "Save the Date" postcard for your upcoming  nuptials, or even the birth of the newest addition to your family. Nothing says, "It's a Boy!" or "It's a Girl" like a hang tag with a picture of your newborn baby on it, right?!

--Event Invites. If you have an upcoming musical performance, art show, or networking seminar, why not print hang tags as actual invitations to your event? Not only will you grab the attention of those you've invited with these catchy little invite cards, but your invitation is more likely to linger and be seen by other people, since it will probably be hung up somewhere that's eye-catching!

So if you're looking for an out-of-the-box way to promote something (yourself, your company, products & services or events), hang tags are a great way to make that happen. And if you don't already have something created, our Clash Graphics in-house design team can help bring your marketing ideas to life.

For more information on our hang tags or other printing / design services visit our web site: .

Or...if you're feeling really extroverted and want to speak with someone live about your print order you can always call us: (877) 410-4522.

Get ready to "Hang Ten!" with your new hang tags ...and create a tidal wave of excitement among those who receive them!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Clash Graphics is Goin' for the Gold (and Silver) with Metallic Foil Business Cards

You know how people always associate shiny objects made of gold and silver (think "bling") with being flashy? 

Well it's true... but in a good sense when that gold and silver are on a business card!

At Clash Graphics we proudly offer business card printing with metallic foil accenting. Jazzing up your business cards will not only give them a better look and feel... but they will also create more of a lasting impression when giving them to someone at your next board meeting or networking event.

Why add the extra flair? It's simple. If you want your company to stand out, then your business cards should stand out as well, right?

Our business cards with foil accents at Clash Graphics are printed on 16 pt. silk laminated stock. Translation: They look and feel realllly nice.

Our in-house designers can even help design your card if you don't already have a print-ready file.

So before you order-- here are 4 elements to include in order to create a successful business card:

1) Your company logo. Having a logo on your business card is extremely important because it lends credibility to the establishment of your business. Your logo should be the most prominent element of your business card.

2) Pertinent Contact Information. It seems like common sense, but lots of times we see business cards from corporate employees which are missing a few details: the person's name who gave you the card, best contact number (not the number to an office where you don't typically work), email address (preferably an email that matches the name of your company and NOT a Hotmail/Yahoo! address), and URL to your company site as well as any social media icons if applicable.

3) Relevant Graphical Content. If you are representing a computer technology company or a restaurant franchise, then try adding a simple graphic to your card that relays the products/services offered by your business. For example, an image of a computer chip would be appropriate for the computer technology card, and maybe a Mexican sombrero or an image of a taco would work for the restaurant franchise (depending on the type of food served at the company, of course).

4) A Unique Finishing Touch. The "finishing touch" on your business cards can be as simple as printing on recycled card stock, having plastic credit-card style business cards, or... just metallic accents! Since Clash Graphics offers a variety of card stock, gloss/UV coating, and gold or silver metallic foiling, your finished product is sure to look perfect enough to put in a picture frame.

Now that we've given you a few pointers, let's get started on your metallic foil business card order! Call us at: (877)410-4522 or ORDER NOW directly from our web site: .

Here's to going from bland... to BLING! with your new foil-accented cards...
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Clash Graphics : FREE Admission... to Our Event Tickets Blog, That is!

What do concert venues, sporting events & movie theaters have in common? You can't get in unless you have a ticket! 

The same applies for anyone who works in an industry where printed tickets serve as your permission slip to attend.

At Clash Graphics we pull out all the stops when it comes to print materials. Aside from flyer printing and business card orders, we can also print event tickets for your company.

Many of our clients have ordered event tickets for the following:

-- musical performances/concerts

-- charity balls/benefit dinners

-- speaking engagements/lunch & learn seminars

-- small scale theatrical productions

-- local sporting events (MMA fights, rodeos, high school games)

So whether you're in need of printed tickets for your next networking mixer or stubs to use for a raffle, Clash Graphics has you covered. Our event tickets are printed same day, then perforated the following day. 

And if you're really in crunch for time... Have your order placed and paid by 2:30 pm and it will be ready for pick up or ship out the following business day around 7 pm!

Not sure what you want your tickets to look like? No problem. Our in-house design team at Clash Graphics can generate the perfect event ticket for you before with print them. We'll make sure they have the exact look and color scheme you envision, so all you'll have to worry about is the actual event itself.

For more details about event ticket printing or to ORDER NOW visit our web site at

To speak with someone live before placing your order feel free to call us at: (877)410-4522.

Some people say "the best things in life aren't FREE," but this blog was...and well, we think that's a pretty good bargain!

--The Clash Graphics Team 

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