Saturday, May 11, 2013

Get Back in the Saddle with Clash Graphics Saddle-Stitched Booklet Printing

When a 4x6 flyer , a rack card, or a tri-fold brochure isn't enough real estate for you to promote your company's wide array of products & services, it may be time for you to go even bigger... with custom saddle-stitched booklet printing from Clash Graphics !

Our dynamic selection of multi-page booklet printing features:

-- anywhere from 8 to 32 pages to get your statements across, depending on your needs

-- full color printing on every single page

-- saddle-stitched binding, for maximum durability & longevity

Our custom multi-page booklet printing services are practical for many types of marketing collateral. 

Here are 3 businesses who benefit most from saddle-stitched booklets :

1) Restaurants.
Booklets are especially efficient for restaurant menu printing, especially for wine lists & seasonal specials. With our premium binding on this particular product, you can be sure your menus will last longer than your most dreaded, post-church Sunday brunch shift... on Easter (when you're actually scheduled for a double)!

2) The Medical Industry. From private practices to pharmaceutical giants, companies within this arena definitely benefit most from printed materials which allow them to provide ample information about services, pricing & even specific medications. Multi-page booklets are especially beneficial for drug reps who are promoting the newest prescriptions on the market, what they do and who's a candidate to take them. Now isn't that an easy pill to swallow?!

3) Hair Salons & Other Vanity-Based Companies. 
What better way is there to advertise all your products & services than to do so in an all-inclusive booklet for your business? Hair salons do particularly well with these printed pieces because their clients are typically on the premises long enough to read about ALL the other additional options offered at that facility. About 85% of current hair salon clients, after reading through a salon's booklet, upgrade to at least one more service (or hair product) during their current visit. With custom printed booklets there's no need to comb through 
(pun intended) any additional ways to secure an up-sell... Why? Because your clients who are currently in house to get their "hair did" are the most likely to bulk up your bottom line in the first place!

Clash Graphics not only offers the fastest & cheapest options for saddle-stitched booklet printing services, but we also provide nationwide shipping & custom design.

If you don't quite have a print-ready file you can work with one of our graphic artists to create the perfect piece for your business.

Typical turnaround time for production and shipping is 4-6 business days, so visit our web site NOW to get started: .

Here's to gettin' back in the saddle!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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