Monday, April 29, 2013

Clash Graphics Offers "The Whole Nine Yards" with Custom Full Color Yard Signs

Grab maximum attention at your upcoming pool & barbecue parties this spring and summer... with full color 24” x 18” yard signs from Clash Graphics !

Do you need yard signs to better promote a sale? Do you need yard signs to better promote your Grand Opening or a new product or service? Do you need yard signs to better promote your event or business? Then look no further. 

Clash Graphics creates Custom Full Color 24” x 18” Yard Signs for all your marketing needs.

Yard or parking signs (as they are most commonly called) are widely used to promote real estate companies, realtors, lawn care companies, construction companies, government officials running for office, yard sales, parking lots and many other types of companies/events etc. 

Full color yard signs are a great way to add variance to your marketing strategy. Another benefit to using yard signs for your advertising is that they last a long time (if handed with care, that is).

Yard signs can be used over and over again to bring in customers for you. The signs are specifically designed for outdoor use so you can get the most “bang for your buck” over time! The ink we use is high quality, vibrant and UV cured (with dried ink) to ensure that you and your promotion are represented well and with elegant style!

If you need help getting a custom design together our professional team of in-house designers can get that going for you. A custom design only costs an additional $45. 

But...if you already have a design, just upload your files and submit your order directly to our web site ( ). It’s that easy!

For more information about custom yard sign printing or our other products & services, feel free to contact us at: (877)410-4522.

Here's to "sign"-ing off on effective custom print products for your business!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Keepin' the Tradition Alive... 5 Reasons to Order Custom Greeting Cards from Clash Graphics

We live in a digital age where it’s convenient and economical to send text messages, emails and private messages via our computer, phone or favorite social networking site. We do this so often that sometimes sending a traditional greeting card just seems odd and unusual...

There is, however, something special about giving and receiving greeting cards! It’s not always easy to pinpoint why it feels so special, but it does. There are those occasions in which a text message, phone call or email works fine, but these methods of communicating will never be quite as personal or genuine as a handwritten or custom designed paper greeting card.

Here at Clash Graphics , we love sending greeting cards for all types of occasions. In fact, here is a list of some of our favorite reasons for sending out custom greeting cards

1) BirthdaysGetting custom printed birthday cards which reflect your humor and personality can be a nice way to send a birthday note and gift to a friend or family member on their special day. If you are running a business, consider sending birthday cards to your clients/customers. It is always refreshing, as a customer or client, to be thought of as more than just a transaction!

2) HolidaysSpecial times during the year call for special greeting cards. If you’re sending out greeting cards during those yearly seasonal celebrations give those greeting cards a personal touch with seasonal greeting cards from !

3) Business PromotionsMailing out greeting cards when hosting a business event, promotion or massive sale can be a great way to personally let all your friends, customers and the surrounding area know about what you have going on. Make a personal impact with custom paper greeting cards that uniquely represent you, your project or your business.

4) Well WishesThere are those times in life when people need encouragement. A "Get Well" card is a great way to do this. Order custom "Get Well Soon" greeting cards made to send out to your friends, family and customers alike, letting them know you are thinking about them during those difficult times.

5) Giving ThanksPeople continually do nice gestures for one another. Instead of a phone call, mail a custom designed "Thank You" card to your friends, family or clients expressing to them your appreciation for their support. As a friend or a customer, it is always nice to know we are valued and noticed for our support, don't you think?

Clash Graphics would love to print custom paper greeting cards for you, your project or your business.

We print the greeting cards in either 12 pt. or 14 pt. card stock. These pieces measure 10” x 7” in trim size and fold down to a 5” x 7” card.  

We also have two coating options:
(1) UV finish on the front with matte coating on the back or 
(2) matte finish on both sides. 

Turnaround time for most custom greeting card orders is 3-5 business days.

If you need a custom file created, our professional in-house design team will gladly create something that uniquely represents you or your business. And, if you want to send greeting cards in a custom envelope - check out what we offer for printed envelopes!

Order directly from our web site TODAY or call our Clash Graphics team at (877) 410-4522.

Here's to keeping the tradition alive!

--The Clash Graphics Team

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Take a Stand... Using Custom Banners with Collapsible Stands from Clash Graphics

Looking for a new way to increase your brand’s vertical?

Try using vertical full-color X-style collapsible stands from yours truly, Clash Graphics !

Remember that time you stayed up all night assembling that toy your child just “had to have” for Christmas or his/her birthday? That may have been an exhausting night, but to see the look on your young one's face the next morning made all the setup time, sweat and tears totally worth it. At Clash Graphics we don’t think we're the only ones who knows this feeling.

Well when it comes to assembling something in a professional environment Clash Graphics wants to reduce your setup time to less than five minutes if possible.

That’s why we offer custom banners with X-Style CollapsibleStands to better promote your business and brand!

Custom banners with collapsible "x stands" at Clash Graphics are ideal for presenting your products and services:

-- at your store

-- in your lobby 
-- at sporting events
-- at trade shows
-- during conferences
-- and even in social or networking events

When your setup time for your marketing materials is a breeze you will be able to spend your time doing the things you love most... like making more money.

Our vertical indoor banners with “X-style” collapsible stands are printed in near-photo quality, with FULL color and are ideal for POP displays and trade shows. 

Setup time is approximately a few seconds and sizing is typically 24” wide by 60” high (with grommets at each of the corners). Turnaround time is 5-7 business days.

If you need a custom design, our in-house design team in Atlanta, Georgia can help you create a unique banner just for you to reach your target audience (the fee for this service is only an additional $45).

If you have a design already then you can simply upload your design file and place your order online at: .

You can also place your order by just giving us a call at (877)410-4522.

If you are able to reach more potential customers with your brand or marketing message as a result of our printed materials then we are definitely happy with what we have produced for you.

Clash Graphics is always trying to push industry standards in quality and design when it comes to printing custom marketing materials .

Here’s to "boosting your vertical" for your brand and standing strong among your company's competition!
-The Clash Graphics Team

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On the Straight and "Arrow" with Clash Graphics Custom Arrow Sign Printing

Make all signs point to you or your business ... with custom arrow signs from ClashGraphics !

Have you ever driven through a busy intersection and seen an excited, energetic person wearing headphones and dancing to the beat of their own drum?

You’ll usually find this person holding or spinning a sign while attempting to multitask smiling, singing, dancing and waving at the same time (based on our experience this is difficult to perform if you have very little rhythm, by the way).

At Clash Graphics we're aware that one of the difficulties of running a successful business is continually getting people to look at what you have to offer and from there, getting them to walk in your door to buy. Our custom-printed arrow signs can assist you in your continual marketing efforts.

Based on where you choose to display your arrow sign there’s no doubt that this method of advertising is both memorable & powerful. And because many companies seem to have such a significant return on investment with this particular marketing effort, we want other businesses to take advantage of our custom arrow sign printing services as well (sorry, dance lessons not included).

Custom - printed arrow signs work well to capture the attention of your target audience by getting them to “look over there!” 

The whole point (pun intended) is to provoke people to look at your promotion or sale (or whatever it is you want them to see displayed on your sign). 

While the purpose of arrow signs is not necessarily to make someone instantaneously buy something, it is useful for brand recognition and and for promoting your business because your "dancing human billboard" basically forces drivers & passersby to look at what you have to offer.

Our custom arrow signs at Clash Graphics come in 2 different trim sizes: 4 ft and 6 ft.

Additionally, we offer a single-sided or double-sided print option, with up to 4 colors on each side.

If you need a custom design, our in-house design team can create one for you for just $45. 

If you already have a design, however, and you're ready to order NOW just upload your design files to our site and place your order... It’s that simple! 

Standard turnaround time for custom arrow signs is 4-6 business days, but if you need your product by the next business day we offer rush service for an additional $45.

Our team here at Clash Graphics wants to help you find the right printed marketing methods that will effectively promoting your business or sale, which is why we offer many options when it comes to quality printing services (like business cards , flyers , and even posters or banners ).

Make it a "point" to get more customers in your door... Start today by ordering online at or by calling us at (877)410-4522.

Here’s to a new direction in successful marketing plans for your business!
-The Clash Graphics Team

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clash Graphics : Make a Die Hard Impression That Sticks... with Custom Die-Cut Stickers !

Ready to make an impression on your prospective customers or clients with a marketing piece that really (literally!) sticks?

Then get your sticker fix here... with custom die-cut stickers from Clash Graphics that uniquely represent you!

At Clash Graphics our die-cut stickers come in any shape you desire and range in size up to 6 x 6 inches per piece. To make this situation even "stickier," we even print your order in full-color (printing times vary from 4-6 business days)!

For us to create your custom die-cut stickers it's easy: We will just need you to submit a separate EPS file for the die-cut shape in addition to the actual sticker design file. 

Need help with your order? No problem! Our Clash Graphics in-house design team can help generate a design specifically for you (for an extra $45) so you can order some awesome die-cut stickers as soon as... TODAY!

Okay so for those of you who are unsure about whether to order custom die-cut stickers, our Clash Graphics team has 3 Tips for Creating Stickers to Make Your Business Stand Out... Ready? Here goes:

(1)  Unique Size Matters!
Your stickers can be smaller than the stickers of your competitors and still get noticed in some capacity, but it’s more likely that customers will notice your stickers among the masses when they are larger. First and most importantly, be unique in size!

(2)  Unique Design Matters!
Another way to stand out is to have an outrageously unique design that grabs the attention of potential customers. Simplicity and clarity in design engage people much better than the opposite. More colors is not always better... So our second rule of thumb at Clash Graphics is to be unique in design.

(3)  Unique Shape Matters!
An even better way to stand out is to create a unique shape for your stickers. Die-cut stickers give you the opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind sticker printed to represent you, your project or your brand. Your stickers can stand out simply by having a different shape to them – a shape that fits you uniquely!

Clash Graphics thinks you, your products/services and your brand are special, and we want people to see you for who you are. 

Clash Graphics has many sticker options for you to choose from...but if you don’t have a unique design tailored to fit your project just yet, our professional in-house design team can help create one for you. 

Again, our die-cut stickers come in full-color, and turnaround time for production varies from 4-6 business days.  In order for us to create your custom die-cut sticker we WILL need you to submit a separate EPS file for the die-cut shape in addition to the actual sticker design file. 

In a sea of advertisements, promotional materials and cheesy business-related trinkets... just how can you grab your potential customers'/clients' attention? With a marketing/networking piece which leaves an impression that's sure to... stick!

Feel free to drop in to our Atlanta Design Center and Print Location or give us a call at (877) 410-4522.

To ORDER ONLINE visit our web site:

Here's to creating custom stickers that are... to "die" for!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Clash Graphics Wants You to... Make 'em Green with Envy Using Recycled Business Cards !

Be environmentally conscious & business savvy at the same time...with recycled business cards from your favorite Atlanta printing company ... Clash Graphics (of course)!

Business cards (especially the recycled kind!) may be THE best way to use printed materials for spreading the word in a personable and effective way to prospective customers/clients about what you, your products/services and your business are doing. 

We use recycled cardboard to create a great looking, eco-friendly business card that uniquely represents you. Additionally we print your collateral in full-color on a thick, 18-point recycled cardstock.

Don’t believe us about the importance of a memorable business card to best represent YOU? Let’s dig into it a bit...

At Clash Graphics we've realized that one of the downfalls to most forms of advertising is the attempt to interrupt the life of your target audience... by grabbing their attention through some form of repetition (billboards on one's daily commute, audio ads on Pandora radio, insincere email blasts, etc.).

Whether companies are subtly or obtrusively disrupting a prospect's everyday life and personal activities, however, your soon-to-be client/customer is definitely NOT looking “to be sold” and would probably like to enjoy his/her day away from the mass on slot of obtrusive advertisements  (although that may never happen ever).

Why does this happen, you may ask? It's because (based on what Clash Graphics has seen in the past) your target audience likes to feel that he/she consciously made the choice to buy a product they genuinely needed or liked, and not that they were strong-armed into buying. 

This is largely why a genuine conversation with a neighbor or a new BFF throughout our daily casual interactions can lead towards a personal connection to your brand and business in the mind of a prospective customer.

A simple handwritten note saying, “It was nice meeting you,” on a business card (which can be scribbled on the back of your recycled networking piece, by the way) can go a long way in the mind of a person who feels bombarded by impersonal advertisements. 

Your business card (especially when it has a unique look & feel, like recycled cardboard ) could easily stay with someone for years and may also, in some cases, earn a special place in a person’s purse or wallet long-term (how's that for giving someone "your digits?!).

If this person enjoyed their interaction with you they will, more than likely, look into what you do and even follow up with you in the near future. This prospective customer/client may even turn into a great friend, a connection to a big sale, or even a much needed investor or business partner down the road. 

You never know what a nice recycled cardboard business card and a genuine personal connection can lead to. The sky is the limit. Let’s get back to making genuine, relationships with people we meet.

Make a decision today to becoming more genuine (and going green!) more frequently in your life. 

A great place to start would be by ordering Business Cards from Clash Graphics . We are known for our high quality, durability, excellent design, competitive pricing & great customer service in all our custom printed marketing materials. 

If you already have your own design you can place your order NOW with a brief turnaround time for production and shipping (if needed). If you don't quite know how you want your business cards to look, our in-house design team can help craft the perfect marketing piece specifically for you or your business.

When ordering online, just upload your file and follow the prompts. It’s easy and simple to order through our website: .

Many studies and polls over the years show that people are much more likely to buy a service or product if it is referred by someone they know and/or trust. 

At Clash Graphics we want to help you market your company's products & services more effectively, genuinely and naturally to impact the people, neighborhoods, communities and cities around you with your message (which will be effectively conveyed on your new recycled business cards, of course).

To order online NOW visit our web site at or call us TODAY at (877) 410 - 4522.

Here's to recycled plastic bottles, soda cans, and more importantly... recycled cardboard business cards for your company !
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Make Opposites Attract... with Custom Printed Magnets from Clash Graphics !

You know how they say "Opposites attract...?" Well they do, and CAN.. when it comes to marketing your business to prospective clients & customers.

Why not make your message magnetic.. with custom printed magnet cards from yours truly, Clash Graphics !

Anyone from pre-school to adulthood will admit it... Who doesn’t love magnets? At Clash Graphics we know we do (to keep up with our hectic work schedules and ongoing print projects, of course). 

Think about it, how many refrigerators have you seen over the years without some form of magnet attached? It’s safe to say, “Very few.”

Here at ClashGraphics we strive to create custom printed magnetic cards in vibrant colors at the highest quality that will help attract the attention of prospective customers, helping you turn them into raving fans. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have your message right in front of your customers' eyes daily, on the front of their refrigerators? 

We can help you take the first step towards making this happen.

Not only are our magnetic cards designed and printed right here in Atlanta , they offer durability, extended exposure, efficiency and savings. 

Best of all, your magnet order (for a limited time only!) will automatically be upgraded to our New 17 pt. magnetic stock at no extra charge (insert round of applause here). 

Production time for custom printed magnets is typically 4-6 business days, plus shipping time.

As far as options for Clash Graphics magnetic cards go, your order choices range in both size and purpose

We print custom designed business cards , brochures , postcards , posters and vehicle materials all with magnetic backing. 

These print products & services will definitely enable you to have the versatility to reach each potential customer/client wherever they are (but especially in locations which have magnetic appliances or displays)

If you need any other info about your magnet order or need a custom design, give us a call today at (877) 410-4522.

Place your order for custom printed magnet cards TODAY...and move into "pole position" with your attractive new custom printed magnetic marketing materials!

--The Clash Graphics Team 

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"Door" Re Mi... A Clash Graphics Tune About Our Custom Printed Door Hangers

Knock, knock! It's time to get your customers in the door.. with custom printed door hangers from Clash Graphics !

There are many methods for reaching new and prospective audiences with your brand. Digital advertisements and printed marketing materials often work well, but sometimes they lack a personal message.

At Clash Graphics, our printed door hangers give your message the ability to reach people in a more personable way - at their front door.

Placing door hangers out in your surrounding community is a great way to remind potential customers/clients that you are their neighbor and you’re just around the corner. 

By stating your address and giving simple directions, using commonly known landmarks nearby, you can help potential customers feel more connected to you. 

What's even better about our custom door hanger printing services is this: If you don’t have a design already, our in-house design team can aid you in crafting the right wording and design to engage your neighbors more effectively.

You can use door hangers to advertise your company's new product launches, new store location openings, seasonal promotions, community events, or anything else you have going on. 

Clash Graphics offers the highest quality printing at affordable prices, with our design center and main printing facility based here in Atlanta . 

All our Door Hangers are printed in  full color on bothsides with high-gloss UV or a matte coating (it's your choice). 

Other options for your order include paper thickness-- a sturdy 12 pt or 16 pt cardstock, or even 100 lb. heavy duty text paper! 

We can print door hangers for you which are made to withstand unpredictable weather elements and provide a professional look that is sure to distinguish you from your competition. 

Production times for custom door hangers range from 2-7 business days plus shipping, depending upon which product you choose.

Come drop in to our Atlanta design center TODAY, order online, or give us a call at (877) 410-4522 to place your order NOW.

Here's to new doors (forget windows) of opportunity for your business!
--The Clash Graphics Team 

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