Saturday, May 25, 2013

Clear as Mud: Get Dirt Cheap Flyers TODAY from Clash Graphics

One of the most effective and ways to market your company, products or services is actually one of the most cost-effective as well... We're talking about custom printed flyers from Clash Graphics and guess what? They're dirt cheap!

If you're not sure how flyers can actually build brand recognition or get your message across, here are...
7 Uses for Flyers from Clash Graphics based on our most frequent orders for custom printed materials:

1. Flyers can drive traffic to your web site. This of course, calls for using creative graphics and bold text to catch readers' attention or to spark curiosity. If you don't have a flyer design yet, allow our in-house team of graphic artists create something snazzy for you!

2. Flyers can promote a party. Be sure to make your event date prominent and include references to all your social media accounts!

3. Flyers can encourage participation in a competition or upcoming group gathering. Whether it's an annual 5K for your entire city or just a local youth basketball camp,  don't forget to include bright colors and simple (but bold!) graphics. The bulk of the space on your flyer should be utilized for event date, time, how to participate, contact info, etc.

4. Flyers can help non-profit organizations scout volunteers or ask for donations. In most cases charities & not-for-profit programs usually have a small budget for marketing, which is why many of our Clash Graphics clients prefer custom flyers to use as marketing collateral.

5. Flyers are powerful pieces to distribute at trade shows & conferences. Not only will you have thousands of these informational handouts (at dirt cheap prices from Clash Graphics ) to disperse to attendees, but you can choose the paper thickness as well as the trim size to fit best with all your other promotional paraphernalia!

6. People of all ages can pass out flyers at schools, local parks, and even post offices for a community event which may be taking place in your area. Even children can help with this marketing effort! Throw a stack of them in your kids' backpacks and have them distribute them at school.

7. Flyers can be given away to patrons around busy shopping centers to promote an upcoming holiday event. Your holiday postcards can even be dropped in shoppers' bags upon purchase at your store. Advertising specials to existing customers almost always guarantees repeat business!

So there are your "lucky 7" uses for custom printed flyers to promote your brand. We also, in addition to those 7 uses, encourage you to order these materials for:

-- restaurants
-- bars
-- activist organizations
-- small group programs
-- musicians & entertainers
-- promoters

When it comes to custom printed flyers from Clash Graphics what it all boils down to is this: No matter your purpose or need, flyers can definitely get the promotional job done for you efficiently and inexpensively (pricing starts as low as $65.99).

To place your order NOW call us at: (877)410-4522 or upload your print-ready files directly to our web site at: .

And there you have it..."the dirt" on affordable print products to grow your business!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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