Monday, May 6, 2013

Create VIP Status for Your Customers with Plastic Key Cards & Other Custom Promotional Products from Clash Graphics

At Clash Graphics we wish promoting your project, brand or company was as easy as getting a business card made, telling your friends about your project and designing a webpage for all the world to come and see the “magical beans” you have for sale... but business is rarely that simple and effective (which we're sure you know already).

That’s why a strategic marketing plan including web, video, print and so much more are necessary in this day and age.  

Clash Graphics places strong emphasis on offering clients' leading customized printing services that, we hope, will lead to further value for the overall marketing and advertising strategies you and your organization put into place.

Our graphic artist & print team (based here in Atlanta) is comprised of experts in marketing, print, production, business, as well as design. 

Personally speaking, we don’t want to just print and ship a great product to you; we actually want our products and services to advance your success. 

In other words-- we understand that your continued success depends on a significant ROI (Return On Investment) from your printed advertising materials aimed at effectively reaching your current and potential customers.

So with that being said Clash Graphics is here to help you obtain new customers while continuing to bring back existing clients to invest in your other services and/or products... with the use of our many custom promotional products !

We offer a multitude of commemorative items ranging from:

-- promo pins

-- coasters

-- mugs

-- and even plastic key cards for scan-in (or member-based) services. We even have barcode printing available!

Our minimum order for custom products like plastic key cards is typically 1,000 units... but Clash Graphics also offers many other promotional products with various minimum order quantities & size options for you to choose from.

To add even more value to your marketing pieces... printing is offered for both the front and back, and turnaround times range from “next day” to 12 days, depending on which products you order.

If you need something created by our in-house design team then call us NOW to speak with a graphic artist about your project plans: (877)410-4522 (custom designs are offered at the starting price of just $45).

If you already have a design and are ready to order, feel free to do so directly from our web site at .

Here’s to VIP status for you and your business!
-The Clash Graphics Team

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