Saturday, May 25, 2013

Clear as Mud: Get Dirt Cheap Flyers TODAY from Clash Graphics

One of the most effective and ways to market your company, products or services is actually one of the most cost-effective as well... We're talking about custom printed flyers from Clash Graphics and guess what? They're dirt cheap!

If you're not sure how flyers can actually build brand recognition or get your message across, here are...
7 Uses for Flyers from Clash Graphics based on our most frequent orders for custom printed materials:

1. Flyers can drive traffic to your web site. This of course, calls for using creative graphics and bold text to catch readers' attention or to spark curiosity. If you don't have a flyer design yet, allow our in-house team of graphic artists create something snazzy for you!

2. Flyers can promote a party. Be sure to make your event date prominent and include references to all your social media accounts!

3. Flyers can encourage participation in a competition or upcoming group gathering. Whether it's an annual 5K for your entire city or just a local youth basketball camp,  don't forget to include bright colors and simple (but bold!) graphics. The bulk of the space on your flyer should be utilized for event date, time, how to participate, contact info, etc.

4. Flyers can help non-profit organizations scout volunteers or ask for donations. In most cases charities & not-for-profit programs usually have a small budget for marketing, which is why many of our Clash Graphics clients prefer custom flyers to use as marketing collateral.

5. Flyers are powerful pieces to distribute at trade shows & conferences. Not only will you have thousands of these informational handouts (at dirt cheap prices from Clash Graphics ) to disperse to attendees, but you can choose the paper thickness as well as the trim size to fit best with all your other promotional paraphernalia!

6. People of all ages can pass out flyers at schools, local parks, and even post offices for a community event which may be taking place in your area. Even children can help with this marketing effort! Throw a stack of them in your kids' backpacks and have them distribute them at school.

7. Flyers can be given away to patrons around busy shopping centers to promote an upcoming holiday event. Your holiday postcards can even be dropped in shoppers' bags upon purchase at your store. Advertising specials to existing customers almost always guarantees repeat business!

So there are your "lucky 7" uses for custom printed flyers to promote your brand. We also, in addition to those 7 uses, encourage you to order these materials for:

-- restaurants
-- bars
-- activist organizations
-- small group programs
-- musicians & entertainers
-- promoters

When it comes to custom printed flyers from Clash Graphics what it all boils down to is this: No matter your purpose or need, flyers can definitely get the promotional job done for you efficiently and inexpensively (pricing starts as low as $65.99).

To place your order NOW call us at: (877)410-4522 or upload your print-ready files directly to our web site at: .

And there you have it..."the dirt" on affordable print products to grow your business!
--The Clash Graphics Team

Friday, May 24, 2013

3, 2, 1: 3 Reasons 2 Have 1 Unique Business Card Designed & Printed From Clash Graphics

In today's business as well as independent & entrepreneurial world it's imperative to use every tool in the box to get the edge on the competition (within your budget, of course).

One cheap & effective strategy that we at Clash Graphics recommend... is to invest in good business cards , which can convey the best possible message about you and your company in just a few seconds.

Ultimately, the two main messages which should resonate from your business cards are: 
a) to provide basic information about you and your role at your company
b) to offer immediate contact information for your prospects & clients to reach you.

At Clash Graphics we know that not all business cards need the same elements or personalized touch... But if you are part of a large organization it can be useful for your recipients to have those specific details in order to contact you ASAP for your particular products or services.

Based on our previous & current clients at Clash Graphics ... Here are

1. Your name and/or the name of your company.
Your individual name as well as the name of your business tends to be the most prominent and bold wording on these particular networking pieces. Additionally a physical address, email address and contact number are the other most instrumental components of your custom printed business cards . While all this information is essential, remember that sometimes less can be better, so try not make it look cluttered.

2. A slogan or tagline that summarizes your purpose.
A very short tag line which describes your business can be important, especially where your company name itself isn’t self-explanatory. It is equally important to use a logo on your card in order to establish brand awareness/business identity. If you do not currently have a company logo don’t worry... Our Clash Graphics in-house design team can create something specially for you!

3. A unique design that sets your business card apart from your competition. Having a unique design can help in not only making yourself and your brand memorable to your recipients, but it will also make it more likely for them to hang onto it (ask yourself what makes you actually keep someone else’s business card)! One innovative idea for a stand-out business card is to have one with a hole in it, so it can be slipped onto a key ring for constant visibility & easy access (our Clash Graphics clients LOVE this concept)!

For other custom business card design ideas check out our web site: .

If you're ready to ORDER CUSTOM BUSINESS CARDS now feel free to 
CALL US: (877)410-4522 or order directly from our site.

Here's to a "3, 2, 1, Blastoff!" for your company networking &brand recognition!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Get In-Tents...with Clash Graphics Custom Printed Table Tents

Hate the great outdoors & those nagging mosquitoes? Well good news-- You don't have to go camping to get "in-tents." 

Why? Because Clash Graphics offers a much more convenient way for you to rough it... with custom printed table tents for your business!

You can use these easy-to-assemble marketing pieces for several purposes, including:

-- "Reserved" tables at your restaurant venue

-- Happy Hour specials

-- Featured entrees/dishes/desserts

-- Full products/services menus

-- To build your social media following

Whether you are trying to promote specials for a food establishment, bar, night club, exclusive event, or even an international convention, our custom printed table tents are an affordable and effective way to advertise.

Need a design created for your table tents? Clash Graphics has you covered. Our in-house design team can drum up a great concept for you in less time than it takes to set up a campfire!

Contact Clash Graphics TODAY to place your custom printed table tents order: (877)410-4522.

If you're ready to print NOW you can even order directly from our web site at: .

Here's to s'more sales resulting from your custom table tents (mmmm, s'mores)!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Between the Sheets with Clash Graphics ...Get More Action with Custom Printed Sell Sheets

One of the most effective marketing materials you can have to promote your brand or your business is a powerful sell sheet.

At Clash Graphics we proudly provide custom design & high-quality sell sheet printing services for everyone nationwide!

Not sure why you would need this particular piece of printed collateral? Here are 3 brilliant ways our Clash Graphics clients typically use their custom sell sheets:

1) Company Profiles/Business Overviews. Your products or services are the biggest (or only) part of your revenue stream, which is why prospects & current clients should know about how your company sets itself apart from the rest of the competition in your industry. Why not invest in a high-quality "spec" sheet to brag on yourself a little...Everyone would love to read about the history of your business, as well as your journey toward success!

2) Products & Services Menus. Whether you own a food/beverage establishment or a vanity-based services facility, customers are more inclined to order your items based on an elegantly displayed description with beautiful images as well as elaborate colors. Custom printed sell sheets can promote what you have to offer in the most powerful (and yet concise) way possible.

3) Coupons/Seasonal Promotions. If you want to maximize your ROI (Return On Investment) with your marketing materials, it is imperative to always include a "call to action," such as a special discount or a "limited time only" offer. This creates a sense of urgency, and should help you generate consistent business each time you roll out a new coupon or promotion.

There you have it-- 3 great ways (although there are a multitude of other strategies) to take advantage of sell sheets for your company.

To order your custom printed sell sheets NOW call us at: (877)410-4522 or upload your print-ready files directly to our web site: .

Here's to getting more action... sales action, that is!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Duly Noted: Clash Graphics Offers Custom Notepad Printing for Your Business

Here's something to take note of...the next time you need marketing materials to better promote your business or yourself: Clash Graphics offers custom notepad printing services just for you!

Custom printed notepads can do more than just provide space for someone to jot down a few blurbs... They can also:

-- help build brand recognition for your company

-- provide a great promotional giveaway for your businesses to use at networking events & expos

-- be used for personal reasons, like to-do lists, special memos or even as gifts for your loved ones!

At Clash Graphics we offer custom printed notepads in a variety of different sizes:

-- 1/4 page custom notepads can be sized at 4 x 6 or 4.25 x 5.5

-- 1/3 page custom notepads can be printed at 3.5 x 8.5

-- 1/2 page custom notepads can be enlarged to 8.5 x 5.5

-- Full-page custom notepads can be ordered at 8.5 x 11

Additionally, we can product your custom notepads in a multitude of sheets as well as quantities to fit your business (or personal) needs.

Each notepad includes its own sturdy chipboard backing to ensure sturdiness, and each page can be printed with a full 4-color process on our 70 lb. premium text sheets of paper.

Turnaround for these Clash Graphics products is usually 4-6 business days.

Notepads are not only an ideal way to extend your professional image in a simple way... but they can also be given to prospects or clients for everyday use.

If you're in need of a design for a custom notepad, feel free to contact one of our in-house graphic artists for a unique (and amazing) creation: (877) 410-4522.

If you're ready to order NOW, then just go to our web site and upload your files directly: .

Here's to prospective customers (as well as current clients) "taking note" of your company and everything you have to offer!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Get Back in the Saddle with Clash Graphics Saddle-Stitched Booklet Printing

When a 4x6 flyer , a rack card, or a tri-fold brochure isn't enough real estate for you to promote your company's wide array of products & services, it may be time for you to go even bigger... with custom saddle-stitched booklet printing from Clash Graphics !

Our dynamic selection of multi-page booklet printing features:

-- anywhere from 8 to 32 pages to get your statements across, depending on your needs

-- full color printing on every single page

-- saddle-stitched binding, for maximum durability & longevity

Our custom multi-page booklet printing services are practical for many types of marketing collateral. 

Here are 3 businesses who benefit most from saddle-stitched booklets :

1) Restaurants.
Booklets are especially efficient for restaurant menu printing, especially for wine lists & seasonal specials. With our premium binding on this particular product, you can be sure your menus will last longer than your most dreaded, post-church Sunday brunch shift... on Easter (when you're actually scheduled for a double)!

2) The Medical Industry. From private practices to pharmaceutical giants, companies within this arena definitely benefit most from printed materials which allow them to provide ample information about services, pricing & even specific medications. Multi-page booklets are especially beneficial for drug reps who are promoting the newest prescriptions on the market, what they do and who's a candidate to take them. Now isn't that an easy pill to swallow?!

3) Hair Salons & Other Vanity-Based Companies. 
What better way is there to advertise all your products & services than to do so in an all-inclusive booklet for your business? Hair salons do particularly well with these printed pieces because their clients are typically on the premises long enough to read about ALL the other additional options offered at that facility. About 85% of current hair salon clients, after reading through a salon's booklet, upgrade to at least one more service (or hair product) during their current visit. With custom printed booklets there's no need to comb through 
(pun intended) any additional ways to secure an up-sell... Why? Because your clients who are currently in house to get their "hair did" are the most likely to bulk up your bottom line in the first place!

Clash Graphics not only offers the fastest & cheapest options for saddle-stitched booklet printing services, but we also provide nationwide shipping & custom design.

If you don't quite have a print-ready file you can work with one of our graphic artists to create the perfect piece for your business.

Typical turnaround time for production and shipping is 4-6 business days, so visit our web site NOW to get started: .

Here's to gettin' back in the saddle!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Tee Off... with Custom Printed Shirts from Clash Graphics !

There's an abundance of ways out there to market your project, brand or company to reach prospective customers & existing clients. 

At Clash Graphics we are personally well aware that if your business can connect with others through your powerful marketing efforts... then you more than likely will “have have them at hello!"

This is why ordering custom printed shirts for your project or company can work effectively in your favor.

It's common sense... people in America (and in other countries as well, we're certain) have to wear clothes (especially to go out in public), so they will generally spend money on what they need most... like food, shelter, and well... apparel!

An informational advertising report which was recently published online expressed that people still don’t trust advertising-- at least not as much as they trust recommendations from friends and consumer opinions expressed face-to-face and online. As a matter of fact, a whopping 92% of consumers surveyed for that report say they actually trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising. That's an increase of 18% since 2007!

Whether you know it or not, custom printed shirts from Clash Graphics can impact your audience with your company message. If you can find ways to have people to dawning your "cotton printed billboards" (especially at high-traffic promotions & events, people will naturally engage their friends, family and others around them with the message of your shirt!

At Clash Graphics we provide custom graphic designs made just for you and your marketing motives with multiple shirt brand options, a wide array of ink color choices and shirt sizes ranging from S-XXXL (for both men & women).

Not only are our custom shirt printing services high-quality, but we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times-- ranging from “next day” to 7 business days (depending on current order demand and shirt type orders).

If you need a brand new design created for your custom printed shirts call Clash Graphics NOW to speak with someone from our in-house design team: (877)-410-4522. We will make sure you get what you need and want for what you are trying to accomplish!

Ready to print your custom shirts right this second? Then visit our web site to order right away at: .

 Here's to amazing custom shirt printing for your business ... that's sure to be just your customers' cup of "Tee!"
--The Clash Graphics Team


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Create VIP Status for Your Customers with Plastic Key Cards & Other Custom Promotional Products from Clash Graphics

At Clash Graphics we wish promoting your project, brand or company was as easy as getting a business card made, telling your friends about your project and designing a webpage for all the world to come and see the “magical beans” you have for sale... but business is rarely that simple and effective (which we're sure you know already).

That’s why a strategic marketing plan including web, video, print and so much more are necessary in this day and age.  

Clash Graphics places strong emphasis on offering clients' leading customized printing services that, we hope, will lead to further value for the overall marketing and advertising strategies you and your organization put into place.

Our graphic artist & print team (based here in Atlanta) is comprised of experts in marketing, print, production, business, as well as design. 

Personally speaking, we don’t want to just print and ship a great product to you; we actually want our products and services to advance your success. 

In other words-- we understand that your continued success depends on a significant ROI (Return On Investment) from your printed advertising materials aimed at effectively reaching your current and potential customers.

So with that being said Clash Graphics is here to help you obtain new customers while continuing to bring back existing clients to invest in your other services and/or products... with the use of our many custom promotional products !

We offer a multitude of commemorative items ranging from:

-- promo pins

-- coasters

-- mugs

-- and even plastic key cards for scan-in (or member-based) services. We even have barcode printing available!

Our minimum order for custom products like plastic key cards is typically 1,000 units... but Clash Graphics also offers many other promotional products with various minimum order quantities & size options for you to choose from.

To add even more value to your marketing pieces... printing is offered for both the front and back, and turnaround times range from “next day” to 12 days, depending on which products you order.

If you need something created by our in-house design team then call us NOW to speak with a graphic artist about your project plans: (877)410-4522 (custom designs are offered at the starting price of just $45).

If you already have a design and are ready to order, feel free to do so directly from our web site at .

Here’s to VIP status for you and your business!
-The Clash Graphics Team

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