Sunday, June 23, 2013

Be Socially Acceptable...with Clash Graphics "Tag Me" Business Card Printing

While the traditional business card trend is still going strong, we at Clash Graphics realize you may want to consider optimizing the space on that little piece of adding in the social media icons for which you are a part of!

A growing number of professionals (especially our Clash Graphics clients) are finding it useful to include social media links on their business cards these days. 

That's because including social links on your card not only showcases your progressive approach to doing business, but it also gives your professional contacts even more choices in how they communicate with you!

If you are looking for new ways of exposing social media presence for your company, these 4 ways to promote your brand on the internet from our friends at may help:

1. KISS (Keeping It Simple, Stupid!)
Sometimes simple is best. If you tend to focus most of your social media efforts on one social network (such as Facebook), you may want to keep it simple by only printing your information for that particular network.

2. Publicizing your blog.
It is common for businesses to print their websites on company business cards, but blog links aren't so prevalent. In a lot of cases a blog link can be more useful than a corporate website, because a blog has the ability to show the personalities, ideas and happenings behind an organization. Additionally, blogs are statistically known for driving 55% MORE traffic to business sites these days (doesn't that make it a "no-brainer?!).

3. Decoding "The (QR) Code" to your Company.
Distinctive business cards present the opportunity to leave acquaintances with a lasting impression. At a conference, for example, a single person may receive tens or hundreds of business cards. After a few days of meeting people, faces and names can become a bit hazy, but a simple QR code can send prospective business to your site in a matter of seconds, driving traffic to your site, as well as the opportunity for even more business/sales!

4. Using Recognizable Social Media Designs.
While it may not be the best option for most companies, emulating a social site design (such as our eye-catching "Tag Me" cards at Clash Graphics ) is a great idea for social sites themselves. Seeing an iconic Facebook page which represents a specific company can inadvertently have prospects thinking about your brand...especially if they "like" your page or start "following" you on one of your other social medial platforms!

So why not invest in a bundle of "Tag Me" business cards from Clash Graphics TODAY... You'll not only build up your social media presence, you'll gain immense exposure for your business and ultimately...grow your bottom line!

For more information about our printing services & products contact Clash Graphics NOW at: (877)410-4522 or visit our web site at: .

Here's to becoming more "socially acceptable" in the B2B (Business to Business) arena!
--The Clash Graphics Team

Signed, Sealed & Delivered with Clash Graphics Direct Mail Printing Services

Gotta direct mail piece to promote you and grow your business the way you want? 

Clash Graphics can help get them printed AND delivered to mailboxes in your community!

Whether we are mailing to a specific list of addresses, a certain area, or a special demographic, our creative & print team at Clash Graphics makes it nice & easy to ensure that your custom mailer campaign is quick, affordable and effective...with Every Door Direct Mail services !

We've fortunately (for our clients as well as our business) been able to help customers with the following 3 steps to enhance EDDM ( Every Door Direct Mailers ) for you:

1. Design Creation.
At Clash Graphics we have an in-house team of graphic artists who can ensure you have the best-fit design for your business to ensure your marketability. Each campaign is custom from start to finish, so you can be assured that your end result is as unique as your business!

2. Actual Printing.
Our Clash Graphics team can also help you choose the right size for your custom direct mailers . We even use recommendations by the United States Postal Service, who has the most popular, accepted EDDM sizes online!

3. Preparation for Post Office Delivery. 
By printing your custom mailers with us... we also have the capability to send them to you for final Every Door Direct Mail program preparation. Postcards will need to be bundled in stacks of 50 with prepared paperwork, and for an additional 4¢ you can choose to have Clash Graphics do the bundling and print your face slips for each 50-count stack. How about that for maximum printing service convenience?!

So if you're trying to reach thousands of potential customers and clients in a particular area, don't embark on that venture alone. Clash Graphics is here to help!

To find out more about our direct mailer services or to place your order visit our web site at . 

Here's to getting your marketing pieces out there efficiently...signed, sealed & delivered!

--The Clash Graphics Team

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Up for Disc-ussion: CD Inserts & Disc Duplication Services from Clash Graphics

If you are one of the following...

-- a promoter trying to gain more exposure
-- a star in the making
-- an up and coming artist
-- a DJ with a killer "mixtape" you'd like to share
-- or even a big production company in need of replicating some albums/movies

Then you may want to take advantage of...

-- Clash Graphics CD insert printing
-- Clash Graphics disc duplication services

Yes, you read the above statements correctly! 

At Clash Graphics we offer an affordable way to make your best first impression on your fans, prospective promoters, current managers, and even record labels...with custom printed CD inserts & disc duplication !

Our CD inserts are printed on full color, sturdy 12pt card stock and will fit "like a glove" into standard or slim jewel cases. 

Ready for the added bonus? Clash Graphics also offers custom printed CD booklets & tray cards in full-color on glossy, high-quality 100 lb. text paper!

So to sum things up... Clash Graphics can print just your inserts, we can duplicate your discs, we'll even design your album cover or take care of ALL of the above...if you so desire!

To place your CD insert or disc duplication order TODAY go to our web site at or call us at (877) 410-4522 to speak with someone from our creative & print team about your project(s).

While the topic of high-quality printing services may be "Up for Disc-ussion..." the answer is simple: Choose Clash Graphics . You'll be glad you did.
--The Clash Graphics Team

One and the Same ...Day Printing from Clash Graphics

Got a project in need of RUSH printing like...yesterday? Clash Graphics can help!

We understand the RUSH PRINT JOB dilemma all too well... Sometimes those deadlines to have printed materials ready for an important meeting or event seem to creep up on us like a freakish zombie in a haunted house, right?

That's why Clash Graphics offers several SAME DAY PRINTING solutions for you & your business!

Many of our clients take advantage of one (or more) of these high-quality Same Day Printing services :

-- SAME DAY business card printing
-- SAME DAY flyer printing
-- SAME DAY poster printing
-- SAME DAY brochure printing
-- SAME DAY event ticket printing
-- SAME DAY sticker printing

While these aren't the ONLY Same Day Printing options we provide at Clash Graphics ...these tend to be our most popular RUSH orders .

So how exactly do you go about ordering and receiving your printed pieces in the same day? Here's how it works--

1) Visit our Clash Graphics web site to determine which printed products you need to immediately have in your possession (go ahead, click on the link!).

2) Select the type of paper thickness (12 pt, 14 pt, etc.) and coating (UV, glossy, matte, etc.) you desire for your RUSH print job .

3) Send us your files by 1:30pm EST (Monday-Friday). Late fees may apply if you turn in your order after "don't be tardy for the party!"

After that easy 3-step process, your print order will magically be ready for pickup or shipping between 7:30pm and 11:30pm. Yes, it's that simple!

If you need additional help with your Same Day Printing project (or just want to hear a friendly voice) feel free to contact Clash Graphics by phone: (877)410-4522.

One of our in-house graphic artists will be glad to assist you so you can get your order out the door and back into your hands faster than you can say "My-boss-is-gonna-be-so-proud-of-me-for-having-these-materials-printed-in-such-a-timely-manner!"

So what are you waiting for? Leave "rush hour" to the Atlanta commuters...and your RUSH PRINT JOBS to Clash Graphics !
--The Clash Graphics Team

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Score Big by Posting Up...with Custom Printed Posters from Clash Graphics

In the game of basketball, many of us are aware that those who stand the best chance at scoring big are the ones who "post up" in the paint for a shot.

In the game of growing your business, the philosophy can be somewhat similar: "Posting up" can create more visibility and in turn, create more revenue for your company.

At Clash Graphics we are proud to capitalize on the idea of "posting up," with our custom printed poster services.

We can even design the actual poster for you. Our in-house design team will work with you to develop an amazing piece of work for you based on your concepts and what you envision for your posters.

Many of our Clash Graphics clients utilize custom printed poster advertising for the following purposes:

-- upcoming live music/entertainment events

-- tactical posters for in-house display

-- the roll-out of new products or services

-- brand recognition

-- window signs & other public displays for promotion

So whether it's a specific trim size, paper thickness, UV Gloss coating, full color or black & white... Clash Graphics has everything you need to provide you with your best, most visible marketing piece possible.

Place your poster order online directly from our site at: or call us at (877)410.4522

Here's to scoring big...with your effective marketing techniques, as well as your bottom line!
--The Clash Graphics Team

Flyer Flyer ... Pants on Fire! Get Flyer Printing in Atlanta from Clash Graphics

Have an upcoming live music event or new product you'd like to promote?

Why not spread the word with the use of custom printed flyers from Clash Graphics ?! 

At Clash Graphics we offer a widespread selection of double sided, full color flyers printed on 12 pt. cardstock. 

Turnaround times can be same day or next business day, depending on your immediate needs or deadlines.

Our custom printed flyer styles are available in UV gloss coating, and you can even upload your own design directly to our web site for convenience...

If you don't have your print-ready file prepared just yet, Clash Graphics can provide you with someone from our highly skilled design team to assist you in making the perfect look for your flyer.

Need additional quantities or want to see our options in thicker cardstock? 

Click here for our 16pt card stock section or click here for our same day printing section where you can order brochures, posters, sell sheets, business cards and more!

Feel free to contact us directly for more information about flyer printing in Atlanta or to speak with one of our Clash Graphics in-house artists about your order: (877)410-4522 .

Here's to big promotions for your brand using custom printed flyers ...and even bigger profits for your business! 
--The Clash Graphics Team

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Get in the Fold: Custom Printed Presentation Folders from Clash Graphics

If you truly want your company or brand to look top notch, it's imperative that your marketing materials & accompanying collateral also possess the same high-quality appearance.

That's why Clash Graphics recommends our high-quality custom printed presentation folders for businesses of all sizes.

Because these printed pieces are so durable & versatile, many of our Clash Graphics clients order them for:

-- storing important documents

-- distribution to prospects & clients

-- compiling information & business-related paperwork

-- product or service presentations

-- company meetings, conferences or networking events

We offer an array of paper thickness, trim sizes & even coating options to ensure your custom presentation folders stand well as stand the test of time (when it comes to long-term storage & use)!

Additional features for your folders include:

-- business card slots

-- CD displays

-- coordinating sell sheets or printed inserts

If you don't quite have a design for your presentation folders just yet, allow Clash Graphics to handle that job as well. 

Our in-house team of graphic artists can conjure up a creative concept which will flatter both your printed materials as well as your business!

To order your custom printed presentation folders NOW call Clash Graphics at: (877)410-4522 or upload your files and order directly from our web site: .

Isn't it time for you to get "in the fold?"
--The Clash Graphics Team