Monday, February 25, 2013

Clash Graphics Says "Sure!" to Brochure Printing in Atlanta

Many companies wonder just how effective investing in BROCHURE PRINTING can be for your business... and our answer to this at Clash Graphics is this-- It's just as effective as you want it to be!
What we mean in a more simplified way is-- if you have carefully planned how your brochure will look, feel, and what information you are trying to convey in it, then you will no doubt have the most powerful marketing piece for your business at your fingertips without question. 

Clash Graphics proudly offers brochure printing in Atlanta with a variety of options for design, color, paper thickness and trim size. 

You tell us how you want it to look, and we'll bring your brochure to life for you. Our Clash Graphics in-house design team can even help with the layout and concepts if you aren't quite sure just how you want it to look.

So what should you consider before placing your brochure order from Clash Graphics ? Here are 3 strategies that will help enhance your collateral --

1) It's all about them, NOT YOU (when it comes to brochures). One important thing to figure out before your brochure is created is how they (the readers) will benefit from your business/products. Statistically, the typical brochure audience doesn't want to read about WHAT you want them to buy. Instead, focus on what could be in it for them. Sounds a little selfless on your part as the distributor of the brochure, but trust us over here at Clash Graphics ... They'll actually read it instead of using it as a drink coaster next to their laptops while at work.

2) Get their attention with the cover image of your brochure. The average person will decide within 5 seconds if your brochure looks interesting enough to open up and continue reading, so make sure you use an image that not only represents your brand, but also serves as a "teaser" to keep readers engaged. Think bright, bold, and captivating!

3) Be a little bossy. After learning about how your products and/or services could benefit them, readers will need a little nudge as far as what to do next. This is where you can create a sense of urgency, or a "call to action," in order to get them to contact you right away. Try adding in a discount or offering something that is time sensitive. 

Example: "Purchase your brochures from Clash Graphics before March 1st 2013 and receive 10% off your entire order!" (Sorry, we had to plug ourselves in this one.)

So... to get the most "bang for your buck" with brochure advertising, make sure your content and images are informative but brief, more beneficial to the customer than to your company (at least make it appear that way), and don't forget to include a bit of incentive to get them to strike while the iron is hot!

For more information about our Clash Graphics products & services feel free to call us at (877)410-4522 or ORDER DIRECTLY FROM OUR WEB SITE at: .

Say "Sure!" to effective brochure advertising. It works when done correctly!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Clash Graphics : Avoiding PTSD (POSTER Traumatic Stress Disorder)!

We've had them in our rooms as children (well most of us may have), and businesses continue to use them to capture their audience's attention-- 

What we're referring to are those bright & colorful oversize paper images of the New Kids on the Block you once had hanging beside your daybed just above your Nintendo 64. 

Translation: POSTERS are still alive & well in the world of effective marketing techniques!

At Clash Graphics we are proud to offer a variety of poster printing options for you to promote your business, products, or even yourself. 

Clash Graphics can even design the actual poster for you. Our in-house design team will work with you to develop an amazing piece of work for you based on your concepts and what you envision for your posters.

Whether it's a specific trim size, paper thickness, UV Gloss coating, full color or black & white... Clash Graphics has everything you need to provide you with your "most favorite poster ever printed."

So here are 3 things we at Clash Graphics suggest you keep in mind prior to ordering your posters. Answering these 3 questions will allow you to get the most ROI (Return On Investement) for your business or upcoming event.

1) Who is your audience? Before you have a poster created, make sure you know exactly which audience you are targeting. Examples: If your goal is to reach children then you'll want to use bright colors and simplistic verbiage with kid-friendly imagery. If you are targeting adults for an upcoming event like a music performance, you'll want to make sure to use recognizable logos/images and include all details about your event (such as where to buy tickets, contact info, and icons for all the social media platforms where they can find out more details about your concert).

2) What message are you trying to convey? Lots of times companies display posters and other signage that serve no other purpose than to cover the paint on their office walls. Don't be "that guy!" If your poster is promoting a product or service offered by your business then be sure to include a call to action. What good is promotional material if it doesn't illicit an urge for consumers to do something right this second?! At that point, your poster is a marketing piece for simply building "brand recognition." And if that's what your goal is, then ignore what we said about that call to action... Just be aware of what you want readers to take away from having glanced at your poster.

3) How & where will your poster be displayed? Don't make the mistake of putting too much text or too few words on your poster. This is your promotional opportunity to build awareness, increase sales, or even better... make more money! More examples: If your poster will be hung in a store window as an ad for a product or service you are offering, remember to use catchy wording and attractive images of what you want customers to buy from your business. Is it on sale for a special price? What makes them feel like they would need your product? Do you have a celebrity who can endorse it... or do you offer a guarantee customers can't refuse? If so, then add in all those details!

If your poster will be displayed at the bus stop down the street from your office, keep in mind that passersby will only have a few seconds to see your sign. In this case, less is more. Go big, go bold, and spread your message in as few words as possible.

Whew! After that brief marketing exercise you're probably ready to place your poster order from Clash Graphics already.

Place your poster order online directly from our site at: or call us at (877)410.4522. 

Ordering these marketing materials from Clash Graphics will allow you to gain maximum exposure for your business effectively, without the harmful side effects of "Poster" Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Ready, Set, Order!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clash Graphics Says "Size Matters" (When it Comes to Your Banners & Other Signage)!

Okay all of us have heard that overused saying, "size matters..." 

But when we pull our heads out of the gutter and really pay attention to what this phrase means, we know that it's actually code for " Clash Graphics has the most affordable banner & oversize signage printing in Atlanta ." 

Big banners / oversize signage can help you "go big" while generating excitement & high visibility, thanks to custom printing at Clash Graphics . 

Not only is this stuff ideal for indoor or outdoor use, they are printed on heavy-metal vinyl and are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your advertising needs and budget. They even include metal grommets at no extra cost!

So to expand a little more on the subject of banners & oversize signage , let's talk about the kinds of images you can order from Clash Graphics. We offer the following products (in addition to the actual design by one of our in-house graphic artists if you need it):

-- full color vinyl outdoor banners

-- full color retractable banners with stand

-- oversize ( wide format ) posters

-- window clings

-- billboard printing (9.5 oz. flex vinyl with black backing)

-- step & repeat backdrops (available for Next Day printing)

Depending on your print order pricing starts as low as $11.99 so be sure to take advantage of our great printing & design services for your next marketing campaign, promotional event, musical performance, or big-time mixer (sorry, red carpet & paparazzi not included in print pricing).

For more information about the products & services we provide call us at (877)410-4522. You can talk to a graphics specialist live (in America!) who can talk to you more in depth about your print needs and what you envision your final product to look like.

If you're ready to just place your order, feel free to do so directly from our web site at .

Make your next marketing piece just as powerful as the actual business or product you are promoting... bigger and better!

--The Clash Graphics Team

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Clash Graphics : A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (on Canvas, That is)!

One of the coolest ways to preserve some of your favorite memories has quickly become a growing trend... What we're talking about are photos on canvas! 

At Clash Graphics one of the great products / services we provide is being able to take your favorite photograph and have it printed on a canvas at the size of your choice! 

Also, choose from black & white, sepia, or standard color when placing your order.

Here are a few great ideas for photos you can have placed on a canvas--

--Your favorite vacation spot

--Artwork you (or someone you know) created

--Wedding pictures

--Family memories

--Photos of your children

--Andy Warhol -style images

--A collage of your favorite life events, pets, or childhood events

Clash Graphics offers 2 fun ways to order your canvas prints from us... You can either have them printed as a rolled canvas so you can stretch it and put it together yourself, or you can have it pre-mounted so all you have to do is find the perfect spot to hang it up in your home or office.

Pricing starts as low as $29.99 depending on the type of canvas you have printed.

Fore more information about canvas printing or to place your order call us at (877)410-4522 or visit us at .

If a picture can be worth a thousand words then having a photo on canvas hanging up in your home or office will definitely give your friends, family and even coworkers a LOT to talk about!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Clash Graphics : "Tag, You're IT!" Tag Cards Help Improve Your Social Media Marketing

The game of "Tag" sure has evolved since our days on the playground. 

That's because these days you can now be tagged on social media sites (which can in turn link you to someone's business, web site, current promotion, special event, or just someone's picture that they are dying for you to see).

Did we mention that when you get tagged on a social media site it links you to a BUSINESS or  WEB SITE?! Yes, that's correct... with social media being so viral, tagging someone can indirectly drive traffic to your business or your company's web site.

To help encourage others to participate in this whole "tagging" process, Clash Graphics offers an ingenious way to:

--increase the number of "Likes" on your Facebook page

--gain more followers on Twitter

--bulk up the number of subscribers you have on your YouTube channel

--enhance your roster of followers on Pinterest

--add more people to your network on LinkedIn

--enlarge your "circles" on Google+

How does Clash Graphics do it? With our "Tag Me" cards, of course!

Our "Tag Me" cards serve as the perfect printed product for social media networking! 

They're printed on sturdy 16pt cardstock, and they make people take notice of not just you, but the business you are promoting.

"Tag Me" cards are an affordable way (prices starting at just $59.99) to increase your overall web presence, grow your list of contacts, and even improve your networking skills (because let's face it...sometimes meeting new people outside of the internet can be awkward).

To find out more about our "Tag Me" cards or other printed products & services visit our web site: .

This ain't the playground, but "TAG. YOU'RE IT!"
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Clash Graphics : Ready, Aim, FLYERS ! 4 Ways to Use Flyers for Your Business

Flyers aren't just those annoying postcards you find under the windshield wipers of your car anymore... They are actually effective marketing pieces if you distribute them across the right avenues in order to grow your business.

At Clash Graphics , our printing services for flyers include a widespread selection of double sided, full color flyers printed on 12pt cardstock. 

Our friends at Squidoo said it best when suggesting 4 powerful uses of flyers for improving your company's marketing campaigns--

1) Sales sheets. Flyers from Clash Graphics can be used as sales sheets to supplement your company's current collateral. Product data sheets & price lists can be presented to clients using sales sheets as well. Businesses typically invest in these advertising materials because they can generate sales leads and even increase customer response when they're used as feedback forms.

2) Inserts. It seems like common sense, but sometimes we overlook the print materials we already have in circulation. When used as "inserts," you can put flyers inside newspapers, magazines, brochures, presentation folders, or any folded prints distributed to your clients & customers. Flyers used as inserts are effective in making your business and/or products more noticeable to people... and since they'll be inserted into marketing materials that you are already circulating, your target audience will be receive double the literature and double the information about your company!

3) Invitations. While receiving an e-vite to an upcoming event is fun, a hard copy of an invitation can be even more effective. So what we're saying here is that flyers can also be used as invites. Use these tools for inviting clients & customers to your business events or promotional activities. These printed invitations can even serve as official tickets/admission passes for the events you organize.

4) Promo Coupons. With the evolution of the internet and discounted deal sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and HalfOffDepot, lots of consumers tend to look for discounts and freebies most of the time before making a purchase. In this case, you can use your flyers as promo coupons to offer discounts or trial services for your products. Additionally, your clients & customers can use these flyers whenever they make business transactions with you.

Inexpensive promotional prints from Clash Graphics like flyers are important to businesses that want a budget-friendly advertisement.

Turnaround times for flyer printing can be same day or next business day (these styles are only available in UV gloss coating), depending on whether you already have your flyer design created. 

If you do in fact have your design ready, you can upload it directly to Clash Graphics when placing your print order. If not, no worries! We can always have our highly-skilled Clash Graphics design team assist you in making the perfect look for your flyer.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on the bandwagon of effective and affordable advertising today by ordering your flyers from Clash Graphics . For more information about our printing and graphic design services as well as our promotional products... come check out our web site: .

Ready, Aim, FLYERS!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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Friday, February 1, 2013

"You've Got Mail!" Clash Graphics Offers Direct Mailer Services

That Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie may have made the phrase "You've got mail!" even more famous, but Clash Graphics can make it more appealing for you and your business.

That's because Clash Graphics is proud to offer direct mail services to promote you and grow your business the way you want!

Whether we are mailing to a specific list of addresses, a certain area, or a special demographic, our creative & print team makes it nice and easy to ensure that your mailing campaign is quick, affordable and effective.

For our Every Door Direct Mail services, Clash Graphics has 3 simple steps for you to execute this marketing strategy for optimal return on your investiment:

1. Design

Having the best design on your marketing materials maximizes its effect on the public. You can choose to design your postcard yourself or you can choose to have us design your postcard for a fee. At Clash Graphics we ensure you have the best-fit design for your business to ensure your marketability. Each design is custom from start to finish, so that you can be assured that your end result is as unique as your business.

2. Print

Choosing the right size for your Every Door Direct Mail postcard is easy! Clash Graphics is a recommended printer by the United States Postal Service and has the most popular accepted EDDM sizes online. 

3. Prepare For Post Office Delivery

Print the postcards with us and we will send them to you for you to complete the preparations for the Every Door Direct Mail program. Postcards must be bundled in stacks of 50 with prepared paperwork. For an additional 4¢ you can opt to have us do the bundling and print the face slips for each 50 stack. Either way, the postcards will be taken to the post office by the customer. Postage payment is paid in full to the USPS when the postcards are brought to the post office.

Not sure how much this will cost: Check out the Clash Graphics Every Door Direct Mail calculator by clicking here: Clash Graphics Direct Mailer Quote

So what are the benefits of doing a direct mailer to promote your business? Here are 4 great advantages you should know about...

1. No Postage Permit Required for EDDM:

When mailing a postcard through the post office traditionally you need a permit which can cost as much as $450 just to open your account. This annual fee has been waived to mail EDDM Retail.

2. No Mailing List needed for Every Door Direct Mail:

The post office is promoting what is called a simplified address so no mailing list is needed. You simply have to have the words "Postal Customer" and the post office will deliver your piece to the mailing routes that you request.

3. BIGGER size card = BETTER response

A Mailing flat is atleast 6.25"x9" or larger size which means you have plenty of room to get your message to your customer. This is over 3 times the size of a 4"x6" postcard and costs 9 cents less!

4. As close as your local post office:

No need to go through the challenge of finding and understanding how to work with a business mail entry unit. EDDM Retail can be mailed from any post office and you can pay for postage with cash, check or debit card. You can have your printing already prepared and shipped to you and dropped off directly at the post office. This way, you get the lowest postage rate, and you know that your direct mail is being delivered quickly and efficiently.

So what are you waiting for? If you're trying to reach thousands of potential customers and clients in a particular area, don't embark on that venture alone. Clash Graphics is here to help!

To find out more about our direct mailer services or to place your order visit our web site at

Forget Sleepless In Seattle , you can sleep well at night knowing that Clash Graphics has your direct mail efforts covered from top to bottom!

--The Clash Graphics Team

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