Monday, March 25, 2013

Clash Graphics : Take Note...of Our Custom Letterhead & Envelope Printing !

Promoting your business effectively doesn't just mean having superior business cards and/or distributing exceptional marketing materials ...

Sometimes unique marketing techniques also involves having high-quality custom letterhead & envelopes to accompany the rest of your promotional collateral!

At Clash Graphics we realize reputable companies ought to have more than just catchy flyers , intriguing brochures & engaging promotional posters .

That's why we also offer, for your company's convenience, custom letterhead & envelope printing services for your business !

Not convinced why you should have stationary tailored specifically for your business?
Here are 4 great reasons why custom letterhead & envelopes can benefit your company:

1) Having custom letterhead & envelopes can enhance your corporate image. When a prospective customer or a current client sees that you have high-quality letterhead, they immediately assume that you provide high quality products and/or services. It's almost like a hard copy of your "first impression..." because it shows which areas you are willing to invest money to convey the most effective message about your business.

2) Stationary tailored to your business can increase brand recognition. It may seem silly but, if a potential client/customer is walking past your physical place of business and your store uses the same colors as a piece of letterhead/stationary they have already seen, they will in most cases recognize your store as well as pay far more attention than they normally would, having acknowleged the familiarity of your logo, color scheme or other branding efforts. Subconscious recognition goes much farther than you may be able to imagine!

3) Custom printed letterhead & envelopes from Clash Graphics may increase traffic to your web site.  When you include your company details, such as your URL, physical address or social media platforms for which you can be found, you are allowing prospects & current clients to further research your company as well as contact you through other avenues. Custom letterhead / envelopes gives you the opportunity to put your most pertinent information (address, URL, phone number & email) out to your clientele in a less invasive but thoroughly informative manner!

4) Stationary which is tailored specifically for your business can separate yourself from your competition. It may seem like a minor gesture towards gaining brand recognition, but custom letterhead & envelopes from Clash Graphics may actually differentiate your company from other competitors in your industry. Most recipients of letters on blank white paper versus letters composed on well-designed letterhead from a rival company are more inclined to conduct business with the company who appears more "professional" (yes, "looks" are important in this case!).

For those of you who are environmentally conscious of printing business materials, you'll be glad to know all of our letterhead and envelope stock is made of 30% recycled material with soy based inks.

As an added bonus your company stationary will be printed on bright white, heavy bond paper , even with full color printing . This will enable you to place your full-color logos & accompanying imagery to promote your business to the fullest effect... just on your letterhead & envelopes alone (production time is typically 4-6 business days).

And what's even better than that... is that Clash Graphics has an in-house design team whom can help you custom design the letterhead & envelopes that best represent you and your company's products / services / brand .

So take note! If you're in need of business letterhead & envelopes to help you "put your best foot forward" when it comes to written documents... Clash Graphics is here to save the day!

--The Clash Graphics Team

To order your custom letterhead & envelopes visit our web site: or call us at: (877) 410-4522.

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