Monday, March 18, 2013

Clash Graphics Cordially Invites You... to Print Your Event Invitations with Us!

Remember how special you felt as a child when your handmade Crayola drawing was so flattering to your parents that it was put on display at your Hall of Fame (and by that we mean the fridge)?

Well good news: you can still create that same type of feeling all over again WITHOUT the mess of crayons or those smelly-good markers... Why not have your next custom creation placed on the refrigerator doors of your friends & family using your next printed invitation or announcement ?!

At Clash Graphics we proudly offer printed announcement and invitation services.

Many of our Clash Graphics clients have ordered these types of materials for the following special occasions--

--  birth announcements

-- baby shower invitations

-- adult party events

-- birthday party invitations

-- family reunion invitations

-- graduation annoucements

-- networking & social event invitations

-- Open House invitations
-- seasonal invitations

-- wedding/bridal shower/bachelor/bachelorette invites      

Not sure why printed invites & announcements are better than just a mass email or a text message blast that goes out to everyone without a "special message" to each of your recipients?!

Well here are 3 good reasons why these printed pieces would be better received by those who will be receiving them in the mail (or in person!):

1) Ordering printed accnouncements/invitations from Clash Graphics offers true customization. 
Custom - printed invites gives YOU the freedom to send the perfect message to those whom will be receiving your invitation. You can use your favorite quote, most memorable line from a movie, and even the photographs/images of your choice. This is your chance to compel others to really acknowledge your major annoucement or upcoming event!

2) Printing saves you lots of time. Why spend endless hours within the aisles of Hallmark or other stationary stores, reading through generic invitations & vague annoucements just try and find the right fit for your special card? Clash Graphics offers several production options, including same day printing and next-day shipping... so you can spend less time choosing your printed masterpiece, and more time preparing for this important day instead!

3) Printing provides you with more choices than a store-bought box of cards.
Clash Graphics can print the exact invite or annoucement you want, where YOU can choose the type/thickness of paper, as well as the colors, top coat (finish), and/or special accents, like metallic foil and even the actual trim size.This is YOUR event/special occasion, so you deserve to be just as proud of your invitation / annoucement as you are about your big upcoming day! 

Not sure just how you want your annoucement or invite to look? No problem.Clash Graphics has an in-house design team who is ready to help you create the exact image you envisioned in your head... and we can help you bring it to life.

So when it comes to having your big annoucement or event invitations printed... RSVP with Clash Graphics . You'll be happy you did, and you'll have so much more time to focus on the bigger things, like the birth of your new baby or your long-awaited wedding day!

For more information about our printing & graphic design services visit our web site at: or give us a call: (877)410-4522.

Here's to having your next printed masterpiece hung on the fridge doors of your friends & family nationwide!
--The Clash Graphics Team 

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