Sunday, March 3, 2013

Clash Graphics is Goin' for the Gold (and Silver) with Metallic Foil Business Cards

You know how people always associate shiny objects made of gold and silver (think "bling") with being flashy? 

Well it's true... but in a good sense when that gold and silver are on a business card!

At Clash Graphics we proudly offer business card printing with metallic foil accenting. Jazzing up your business cards will not only give them a better look and feel... but they will also create more of a lasting impression when giving them to someone at your next board meeting or networking event.

Why add the extra flair? It's simple. If you want your company to stand out, then your business cards should stand out as well, right?

Our business cards with foil accents at Clash Graphics are printed on 16 pt. silk laminated stock. Translation: They look and feel realllly nice.

Our in-house designers can even help design your card if you don't already have a print-ready file.

So before you order-- here are 4 elements to include in order to create a successful business card:

1) Your company logo. Having a logo on your business card is extremely important because it lends credibility to the establishment of your business. Your logo should be the most prominent element of your business card.

2) Pertinent Contact Information. It seems like common sense, but lots of times we see business cards from corporate employees which are missing a few details: the person's name who gave you the card, best contact number (not the number to an office where you don't typically work), email address (preferably an email that matches the name of your company and NOT a Hotmail/Yahoo! address), and URL to your company site as well as any social media icons if applicable.

3) Relevant Graphical Content. If you are representing a computer technology company or a restaurant franchise, then try adding a simple graphic to your card that relays the products/services offered by your business. For example, an image of a computer chip would be appropriate for the computer technology card, and maybe a Mexican sombrero or an image of a taco would work for the restaurant franchise (depending on the type of food served at the company, of course).

4) A Unique Finishing Touch. The "finishing touch" on your business cards can be as simple as printing on recycled card stock, having plastic credit-card style business cards, or... just metallic accents! Since Clash Graphics offers a variety of card stock, gloss/UV coating, and gold or silver metallic foiling, your finished product is sure to look perfect enough to put in a picture frame.

Now that we've given you a few pointers, let's get started on your metallic foil business card order! Call us at: (877)410-4522 or ORDER NOW directly from our web site: .

Here's to going from bland... to BLING! with your new foil-accented cards...
--The Clash Graphics Team

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