Sunday, March 31, 2013

Clash Graphics is Sportin' Linen After Labor Day... with Linen Uncoated Printing !

That unwritten rule about not rockin' linen after Labor Day fortunately does NOT apply to your company business cards or marketing materials... 

So since that's the case... Clash Graphics is proud to offer uncoated linen printing services for your company needs & advertising collateral!

Linen text and cover for your materials allows your print products to gain a unique feel, as well as a memorable texture for those whom will be exposed to your collateral. 

Uncoated linen pieces can also enhance the appearance of your business package and will certainly make a grand impression on your prospects, clients or customers. 
As an added bonus... All of our linen stock is printed on 30% recycled material so if you're in the eco-conscious industry or want to promote your efforts at "going green," you're in luck with uncoated linen printing.

Yes we know... At Clash Graphics we are totally aware that people are bombarded with advertisements left and right and the reality is, advertisements will never. Ever. Go away. 

With that in mind, your approach to marketing must be different (ahem, think "linen") if you want to catch the eye (or dexterous sensation) of the people who need to hear your story.

Our advice? Here are three effective ways our Clash Graphics team believes you can implement at your company in order to catch and keep the eye of your market:
1) Repetition. On average it takes about 6 sightings of your business ad, billboard, mailer or social media post before establishing brand recognition with a prospect. Never be afraid of gaining TOO MUCH exposure (look at Coke , Chik-Fil-A or even Massage Envy)!

2) A Compelling Story. Customers & clients tend to develop better relationships with businesses when they feel like they can relate. We're all human, and it's okay to convey that message!

3) A Compelling Design. When something (or someone for that matter) is out of the ordinary or appears odd, unusual or against the norm... It definitely seems to resonate more with people/followers/fans. Need examples? How about Dennis Rodman. Or Lady Gaga. Or your company's uncoated linen business cards and brochures (hint, hint)?!

Here at Clash Graphics we can help you produce all three of these results. You can order your uncoated linen products online, drop into our office here in Atlanta or just give us a call (it's free! 877.410.4522).
Our range of printed products gives you the option to tell your story through multiple marketing avenues from business cards to next day flyers and posters of any size and thickness. 
If you already have a design we can use it... and if you need help crafting your story into a more compelling finished product our in-house design team can help you do that as well.  
See the uncoated linen products page of our web site for more details or place your print order online NOW at: .
Make your next printing materials look as cool as the guys from Miami Vice year-round... with LINEN!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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