Monday, March 25, 2013

Clash Graphics : Mark Your Calendars...for Custom Calendar Printing !

The reason why most of us can remember special dates and occasions (like someone's birthday, anniversary or even the days we're off work because of national holidays) typically boils down to this... we all have calendars of some sort!

At Clash Graphics we proudly offer custom calendar printing services so you can utilize these "date savers" to promote and grow your business!

Many Clash Graphics clients choose our custom calendar printing services for several purposes including:

-- gifts for coworkers & employees

-- promotional giveaways

-- company advertisements  with coupons or discounts

-- additional merchandise for your business to sell

Ordering a personalized custom calendar is not only a special present for you to give away or sell, but it's a great marketing tool. That's because we can ensure your logo or products are included on each of your calendar pages. 

So not only will people use your custom calendars to refer to significant dates during the year, but they will also be reminded of your company or business products & services every single time they glance at your marketing piece!

At Clash Graphics we have two wonderful ways to have your calendars printed: coil bound & saddle stitched.

Both formats are printed at 8.5" x 11" trim size with 28 full color pages. We also print them on durable paper (which means it's on thick cover stock). 

Additionally, you have the option of ordering your calendars with a gloss coating, which will provide extra protection for your custom calendar throughout the entire year.

Even if you don't quite have all your ideas together, you can still order a custom calendar from Clash Graphics . That's because we have an in-house graphic design team who can help you take your ideas from concept... to finished product!

To order your custom calendar NOW or for more information about our printing products & services visit our web site at: .

Here's to special occasions... and a custom calendar for your business that's even more special!
--The Clash Graphics Team  

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