Sunday, March 10, 2013

Clash Graphics Says, "Hang Ten!" with Printed Hang Tags !

Cowabunga! Marketing your company's products or services just became even snazzier...

That's because Clash Graphics offers printed hang tags for you to order to better promote your business.

Hang tags are not only a unique way of advertising, but they're multi-functional since you can, well... hang them up in places!

Many of our Clash Graphics clients have ordered hang tags for a number of (business & personal) purposes, including:

-- Business Cards. Order hang tags and use them as oversize business cards . You're sure to make a lasting impression with a networking tool of this size. Your colleagues may also hold onto them longer than a business card , since it can be displayed as an ornament or decoration in their office cubicles!

-- Grand Openings. Hang tags can serve as great promotional flyers to distribute to the local businesses around you. Hang one on each company's door to announce the grand opening of your company to the community surrounding your new office!

-- Coupons / Promotional Product Launches. Use hang tags to create a buzz about your newest product or service. You can even add a special discount to your hang tag to generate even more brand recognition...both for your new product/service, as well as your company name!

-- Personal Announcements. Clash Graphics clients like to print hang tags and give them out as personal announcements... whether it's a "Save the Date" postcard for your upcoming  nuptials, or even the birth of the newest addition to your family. Nothing says, "It's a Boy!" or "It's a Girl" like a hang tag with a picture of your newborn baby on it, right?!

--Event Invites. If you have an upcoming musical performance, art show, or networking seminar, why not print hang tags as actual invitations to your event? Not only will you grab the attention of those you've invited with these catchy little invite cards, but your invitation is more likely to linger and be seen by other people, since it will probably be hung up somewhere that's eye-catching!

So if you're looking for an out-of-the-box way to promote something (yourself, your company, products & services or events), hang tags are a great way to make that happen. And if you don't already have something created, our Clash Graphics in-house design team can help bring your marketing ideas to life.

For more information on our hang tags or other printing / design services visit our web site: .

Or...if you're feeling really extroverted and want to speak with someone live about your print order you can always call us: (877) 410-4522.

Get ready to "Hang Ten!" with your new hang tags ...and create a tidal wave of excitement among those who receive them!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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