Friday, February 1, 2013

"You've Got Mail!" Clash Graphics Offers Direct Mailer Services

That Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie may have made the phrase "You've got mail!" even more famous, but Clash Graphics can make it more appealing for you and your business.

That's because Clash Graphics is proud to offer direct mail services to promote you and grow your business the way you want!

Whether we are mailing to a specific list of addresses, a certain area, or a special demographic, our creative & print team makes it nice and easy to ensure that your mailing campaign is quick, affordable and effective.

For our Every Door Direct Mail services, Clash Graphics has 3 simple steps for you to execute this marketing strategy for optimal return on your investiment:

1. Design

Having the best design on your marketing materials maximizes its effect on the public. You can choose to design your postcard yourself or you can choose to have us design your postcard for a fee. At Clash Graphics we ensure you have the best-fit design for your business to ensure your marketability. Each design is custom from start to finish, so that you can be assured that your end result is as unique as your business.

2. Print

Choosing the right size for your Every Door Direct Mail postcard is easy! Clash Graphics is a recommended printer by the United States Postal Service and has the most popular accepted EDDM sizes online. 

3. Prepare For Post Office Delivery

Print the postcards with us and we will send them to you for you to complete the preparations for the Every Door Direct Mail program. Postcards must be bundled in stacks of 50 with prepared paperwork. For an additional 4¢ you can opt to have us do the bundling and print the face slips for each 50 stack. Either way, the postcards will be taken to the post office by the customer. Postage payment is paid in full to the USPS when the postcards are brought to the post office.

Not sure how much this will cost: Check out the Clash Graphics Every Door Direct Mail calculator by clicking here: Clash Graphics Direct Mailer Quote

So what are the benefits of doing a direct mailer to promote your business? Here are 4 great advantages you should know about...

1. No Postage Permit Required for EDDM:

When mailing a postcard through the post office traditionally you need a permit which can cost as much as $450 just to open your account. This annual fee has been waived to mail EDDM Retail.

2. No Mailing List needed for Every Door Direct Mail:

The post office is promoting what is called a simplified address so no mailing list is needed. You simply have to have the words "Postal Customer" and the post office will deliver your piece to the mailing routes that you request.

3. BIGGER size card = BETTER response

A Mailing flat is atleast 6.25"x9" or larger size which means you have plenty of room to get your message to your customer. This is over 3 times the size of a 4"x6" postcard and costs 9 cents less!

4. As close as your local post office:

No need to go through the challenge of finding and understanding how to work with a business mail entry unit. EDDM Retail can be mailed from any post office and you can pay for postage with cash, check or debit card. You can have your printing already prepared and shipped to you and dropped off directly at the post office. This way, you get the lowest postage rate, and you know that your direct mail is being delivered quickly and efficiently.

So what are you waiting for? If you're trying to reach thousands of potential customers and clients in a particular area, don't embark on that venture alone. Clash Graphics is here to help!

To find out more about our direct mailer services or to place your order visit our web site at

Forget Sleepless In Seattle , you can sleep well at night knowing that Clash Graphics has your direct mail efforts covered from top to bottom!

--The Clash Graphics Team

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