Saturday, February 23, 2013

Clash Graphics : Avoiding PTSD (POSTER Traumatic Stress Disorder)!

We've had them in our rooms as children (well most of us may have), and businesses continue to use them to capture their audience's attention-- 

What we're referring to are those bright & colorful oversize paper images of the New Kids on the Block you once had hanging beside your daybed just above your Nintendo 64. 

Translation: POSTERS are still alive & well in the world of effective marketing techniques!

At Clash Graphics we are proud to offer a variety of poster printing options for you to promote your business, products, or even yourself. 

Clash Graphics can even design the actual poster for you. Our in-house design team will work with you to develop an amazing piece of work for you based on your concepts and what you envision for your posters.

Whether it's a specific trim size, paper thickness, UV Gloss coating, full color or black & white... Clash Graphics has everything you need to provide you with your "most favorite poster ever printed."

So here are 3 things we at Clash Graphics suggest you keep in mind prior to ordering your posters. Answering these 3 questions will allow you to get the most ROI (Return On Investement) for your business or upcoming event.

1) Who is your audience? Before you have a poster created, make sure you know exactly which audience you are targeting. Examples: If your goal is to reach children then you'll want to use bright colors and simplistic verbiage with kid-friendly imagery. If you are targeting adults for an upcoming event like a music performance, you'll want to make sure to use recognizable logos/images and include all details about your event (such as where to buy tickets, contact info, and icons for all the social media platforms where they can find out more details about your concert).

2) What message are you trying to convey? Lots of times companies display posters and other signage that serve no other purpose than to cover the paint on their office walls. Don't be "that guy!" If your poster is promoting a product or service offered by your business then be sure to include a call to action. What good is promotional material if it doesn't illicit an urge for consumers to do something right this second?! At that point, your poster is a marketing piece for simply building "brand recognition." And if that's what your goal is, then ignore what we said about that call to action... Just be aware of what you want readers to take away from having glanced at your poster.

3) How & where will your poster be displayed? Don't make the mistake of putting too much text or too few words on your poster. This is your promotional opportunity to build awareness, increase sales, or even better... make more money! More examples: If your poster will be hung in a store window as an ad for a product or service you are offering, remember to use catchy wording and attractive images of what you want customers to buy from your business. Is it on sale for a special price? What makes them feel like they would need your product? Do you have a celebrity who can endorse it... or do you offer a guarantee customers can't refuse? If so, then add in all those details!

If your poster will be displayed at the bus stop down the street from your office, keep in mind that passersby will only have a few seconds to see your sign. In this case, less is more. Go big, go bold, and spread your message in as few words as possible.

Whew! After that brief marketing exercise you're probably ready to place your poster order from Clash Graphics already.

Place your poster order online directly from our site at: or call us at (877)410.4522. 

Ordering these marketing materials from Clash Graphics will allow you to gain maximum exposure for your business effectively, without the harmful side effects of "Poster" Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Ready, Set, Order!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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