Sunday, February 10, 2013

Clash Graphics : "Tag, You're IT!" Tag Cards Help Improve Your Social Media Marketing

The game of "Tag" sure has evolved since our days on the playground. 

That's because these days you can now be tagged on social media sites (which can in turn link you to someone's business, web site, current promotion, special event, or just someone's picture that they are dying for you to see).

Did we mention that when you get tagged on a social media site it links you to a BUSINESS or  WEB SITE?! Yes, that's correct... with social media being so viral, tagging someone can indirectly drive traffic to your business or your company's web site.

To help encourage others to participate in this whole "tagging" process, Clash Graphics offers an ingenious way to:

--increase the number of "Likes" on your Facebook page

--gain more followers on Twitter

--bulk up the number of subscribers you have on your YouTube channel

--enhance your roster of followers on Pinterest

--add more people to your network on LinkedIn

--enlarge your "circles" on Google+

How does Clash Graphics do it? With our "Tag Me" cards, of course!

Our "Tag Me" cards serve as the perfect printed product for social media networking! 

They're printed on sturdy 16pt cardstock, and they make people take notice of not just you, but the business you are promoting.

"Tag Me" cards are an affordable way (prices starting at just $59.99) to increase your overall web presence, grow your list of contacts, and even improve your networking skills (because let's face it...sometimes meeting new people outside of the internet can be awkward).

To find out more about our "Tag Me" cards or other printed products & services visit our web site: .

This ain't the playground, but "TAG. YOU'RE IT!"
--The Clash Graphics Team

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