Sunday, February 10, 2013

Clash Graphics : Ready, Aim, FLYERS ! 4 Ways to Use Flyers for Your Business

Flyers aren't just those annoying postcards you find under the windshield wipers of your car anymore... They are actually effective marketing pieces if you distribute them across the right avenues in order to grow your business.

At Clash Graphics , our printing services for flyers include a widespread selection of double sided, full color flyers printed on 12pt cardstock. 

Our friends at Squidoo said it best when suggesting 4 powerful uses of flyers for improving your company's marketing campaigns--

1) Sales sheets. Flyers from Clash Graphics can be used as sales sheets to supplement your company's current collateral. Product data sheets & price lists can be presented to clients using sales sheets as well. Businesses typically invest in these advertising materials because they can generate sales leads and even increase customer response when they're used as feedback forms.

2) Inserts. It seems like common sense, but sometimes we overlook the print materials we already have in circulation. When used as "inserts," you can put flyers inside newspapers, magazines, brochures, presentation folders, or any folded prints distributed to your clients & customers. Flyers used as inserts are effective in making your business and/or products more noticeable to people... and since they'll be inserted into marketing materials that you are already circulating, your target audience will be receive double the literature and double the information about your company!

3) Invitations. While receiving an e-vite to an upcoming event is fun, a hard copy of an invitation can be even more effective. So what we're saying here is that flyers can also be used as invites. Use these tools for inviting clients & customers to your business events or promotional activities. These printed invitations can even serve as official tickets/admission passes for the events you organize.

4) Promo Coupons. With the evolution of the internet and discounted deal sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and HalfOffDepot, lots of consumers tend to look for discounts and freebies most of the time before making a purchase. In this case, you can use your flyers as promo coupons to offer discounts or trial services for your products. Additionally, your clients & customers can use these flyers whenever they make business transactions with you.

Inexpensive promotional prints from Clash Graphics like flyers are important to businesses that want a budget-friendly advertisement.

Turnaround times for flyer printing can be same day or next business day (these styles are only available in UV gloss coating), depending on whether you already have your flyer design created. 

If you do in fact have your design ready, you can upload it directly to Clash Graphics when placing your print order. If not, no worries! We can always have our highly-skilled Clash Graphics design team assist you in making the perfect look for your flyer.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on the bandwagon of effective and affordable advertising today by ordering your flyers from Clash Graphics . For more information about our printing and graphic design services as well as our promotional products... come check out our web site: .

Ready, Aim, FLYERS!
--The Clash Graphics Team

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