Sunday, April 21, 2013

Take a Stand... Using Custom Banners with Collapsible Stands from Clash Graphics

Looking for a new way to increase your brand’s vertical?

Try using vertical full-color X-style collapsible stands from yours truly, Clash Graphics !

Remember that time you stayed up all night assembling that toy your child just “had to have” for Christmas or his/her birthday? That may have been an exhausting night, but to see the look on your young one's face the next morning made all the setup time, sweat and tears totally worth it. At Clash Graphics we don’t think we're the only ones who knows this feeling.

Well when it comes to assembling something in a professional environment Clash Graphics wants to reduce your setup time to less than five minutes if possible.

That’s why we offer custom banners with X-Style CollapsibleStands to better promote your business and brand!

Custom banners with collapsible "x stands" at Clash Graphics are ideal for presenting your products and services:

-- at your store

-- in your lobby 
-- at sporting events
-- at trade shows
-- during conferences
-- and even in social or networking events

When your setup time for your marketing materials is a breeze you will be able to spend your time doing the things you love most... like making more money.

Our vertical indoor banners with “X-style” collapsible stands are printed in near-photo quality, with FULL color and are ideal for POP displays and trade shows. 

Setup time is approximately a few seconds and sizing is typically 24” wide by 60” high (with grommets at each of the corners). Turnaround time is 5-7 business days.

If you need a custom design, our in-house design team in Atlanta, Georgia can help you create a unique banner just for you to reach your target audience (the fee for this service is only an additional $45).

If you have a design already then you can simply upload your design file and place your order online at: .

You can also place your order by just giving us a call at (877)410-4522.

If you are able to reach more potential customers with your brand or marketing message as a result of our printed materials then we are definitely happy with what we have produced for you.

Clash Graphics is always trying to push industry standards in quality and design when it comes to printing custom marketing materials .

Here’s to "boosting your vertical" for your brand and standing strong among your company's competition!
-The Clash Graphics Team

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