Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clash Graphics Wants You to... Make 'em Green with Envy Using Recycled Business Cards !

Be environmentally conscious & business savvy at the same time...with recycled business cards from your favorite Atlanta printing company ... Clash Graphics (of course)!

Business cards (especially the recycled kind!) may be THE best way to use printed materials for spreading the word in a personable and effective way to prospective customers/clients about what you, your products/services and your business are doing. 

We use recycled cardboard to create a great looking, eco-friendly business card that uniquely represents you. Additionally we print your collateral in full-color on a thick, 18-point recycled cardstock.

Don’t believe us about the importance of a memorable business card to best represent YOU? Let’s dig into it a bit...

At Clash Graphics we've realized that one of the downfalls to most forms of advertising is the attempt to interrupt the life of your target audience... by grabbing their attention through some form of repetition (billboards on one's daily commute, audio ads on Pandora radio, insincere email blasts, etc.).

Whether companies are subtly or obtrusively disrupting a prospect's everyday life and personal activities, however, your soon-to-be client/customer is definitely NOT looking “to be sold” and would probably like to enjoy his/her day away from the mass on slot of obtrusive advertisements  (although that may never happen ever).

Why does this happen, you may ask? It's because (based on what Clash Graphics has seen in the past) your target audience likes to feel that he/she consciously made the choice to buy a product they genuinely needed or liked, and not that they were strong-armed into buying. 

This is largely why a genuine conversation with a neighbor or a new BFF throughout our daily casual interactions can lead towards a personal connection to your brand and business in the mind of a prospective customer.

A simple handwritten note saying, “It was nice meeting you,” on a business card (which can be scribbled on the back of your recycled networking piece, by the way) can go a long way in the mind of a person who feels bombarded by impersonal advertisements. 

Your business card (especially when it has a unique look & feel, like recycled cardboard ) could easily stay with someone for years and may also, in some cases, earn a special place in a person’s purse or wallet long-term (how's that for giving someone "your digits?!).

If this person enjoyed their interaction with you they will, more than likely, look into what you do and even follow up with you in the near future. This prospective customer/client may even turn into a great friend, a connection to a big sale, or even a much needed investor or business partner down the road. 

You never know what a nice recycled cardboard business card and a genuine personal connection can lead to. The sky is the limit. Let’s get back to making genuine, relationships with people we meet.

Make a decision today to becoming more genuine (and going green!) more frequently in your life. 

A great place to start would be by ordering Business Cards from Clash Graphics . We are known for our high quality, durability, excellent design, competitive pricing & great customer service in all our custom printed marketing materials. 

If you already have your own design you can place your order NOW with a brief turnaround time for production and shipping (if needed). If you don't quite know how you want your business cards to look, our in-house design team can help craft the perfect marketing piece specifically for you or your business.

When ordering online, just upload your file and follow the prompts. It’s easy and simple to order through our website: ClashGraphics.com .

Many studies and polls over the years show that people are much more likely to buy a service or product if it is referred by someone they know and/or trust. 

At Clash Graphics we want to help you market your company's products & services more effectively, genuinely and naturally to impact the people, neighborhoods, communities and cities around you with your message (which will be effectively conveyed on your new recycled business cards, of course).

To order online NOW visit our web site at ClashGraphics.com or call us TODAY at (877) 410 - 4522.

Here's to recycled plastic bottles, soda cans, and more importantly... recycled cardboard business cards for your company !
--The Clash Graphics Team

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