Sunday, April 21, 2013

On the Straight and "Arrow" with Clash Graphics Custom Arrow Sign Printing

Make all signs point to you or your business ... with custom arrow signs from ClashGraphics !

Have you ever driven through a busy intersection and seen an excited, energetic person wearing headphones and dancing to the beat of their own drum?

You’ll usually find this person holding or spinning a sign while attempting to multitask smiling, singing, dancing and waving at the same time (based on our experience this is difficult to perform if you have very little rhythm, by the way).

At Clash Graphics we're aware that one of the difficulties of running a successful business is continually getting people to look at what you have to offer and from there, getting them to walk in your door to buy. Our custom-printed arrow signs can assist you in your continual marketing efforts.

Based on where you choose to display your arrow sign there’s no doubt that this method of advertising is both memorable & powerful. And because many companies seem to have such a significant return on investment with this particular marketing effort, we want other businesses to take advantage of our custom arrow sign printing services as well (sorry, dance lessons not included).

Custom - printed arrow signs work well to capture the attention of your target audience by getting them to “look over there!” 

The whole point (pun intended) is to provoke people to look at your promotion or sale (or whatever it is you want them to see displayed on your sign). 

While the purpose of arrow signs is not necessarily to make someone instantaneously buy something, it is useful for brand recognition and and for promoting your business because your "dancing human billboard" basically forces drivers & passersby to look at what you have to offer.

Our custom arrow signs at Clash Graphics come in 2 different trim sizes: 4 ft and 6 ft.

Additionally, we offer a single-sided or double-sided print option, with up to 4 colors on each side.

If you need a custom design, our in-house design team can create one for you for just $45. 

If you already have a design, however, and you're ready to order NOW just upload your design files to our site and place your order... It’s that simple! 

Standard turnaround time for custom arrow signs is 4-6 business days, but if you need your product by the next business day we offer rush service for an additional $45.

Our team here at Clash Graphics wants to help you find the right printed marketing methods that will effectively promoting your business or sale, which is why we offer many options when it comes to quality printing services (like business cards , flyers , and even posters or banners ).

Make it a "point" to get more customers in your door... Start today by ordering online at or by calling us at (877)410-4522.

Here’s to a new direction in successful marketing plans for your business!
-The Clash Graphics Team

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