Sunday, June 23, 2013

Signed, Sealed & Delivered with Clash Graphics Direct Mail Printing Services

Gotta direct mail piece to promote you and grow your business the way you want? 

Clash Graphics can help get them printed AND delivered to mailboxes in your community!

Whether we are mailing to a specific list of addresses, a certain area, or a special demographic, our creative & print team at Clash Graphics makes it nice & easy to ensure that your custom mailer campaign is quick, affordable and effective...with Every Door Direct Mail services !

We've fortunately (for our clients as well as our business) been able to help customers with the following 3 steps to enhance EDDM ( Every Door Direct Mailers ) for you:

1. Design Creation.
At Clash Graphics we have an in-house team of graphic artists who can ensure you have the best-fit design for your business to ensure your marketability. Each campaign is custom from start to finish, so you can be assured that your end result is as unique as your business!

2. Actual Printing.
Our Clash Graphics team can also help you choose the right size for your custom direct mailers . We even use recommendations by the United States Postal Service, who has the most popular, accepted EDDM sizes online!

3. Preparation for Post Office Delivery. 
By printing your custom mailers with us... we also have the capability to send them to you for final Every Door Direct Mail program preparation. Postcards will need to be bundled in stacks of 50 with prepared paperwork, and for an additional 4¢ you can choose to have Clash Graphics do the bundling and print your face slips for each 50-count stack. How about that for maximum printing service convenience?!

So if you're trying to reach thousands of potential customers and clients in a particular area, don't embark on that venture alone. Clash Graphics is here to help!

To find out more about our direct mailer services or to place your order visit our web site at . 

Here's to getting your marketing pieces out there efficiently...signed, sealed & delivered!

--The Clash Graphics Team


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